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VANGUARD THE VOL. 52, NO. 10 “If it matters to the USA family, it matters to us.” MAR. 25, 2013 SGA ELECTIONS 2013-14: WHO DESERVES TO SPEAK FOR YOU? Voting begins Monday through your JagMail account In 100 words or less: The Presidential Candidates I would best serve the University of South Alabama student body as SGA President due to my experience serving on SGA for three years which has allowed me to work with students in all fields and with University officials and administrators. I am a team player and am able to work effectively with others. I am not afraid to ask for help, and when help is given, I give credit where credit is due. I am not afraid to ask questions and I am not afraid of criticism. Voting for President? There’s only one way: Riley Davis for USA! Riley Davis Presidential Candidate As a student at USA I have seen tremendous change and improvement. However, there remains a disconnect of sorts. Students feel as if they face a constant uphill struggle for their wants and needs as students. As SGA President I can and will fill that void. I will take the position to new arenas not only within SGA, but local and State as well; promising to always have the best for USA at heart. I will not only be a representative, I will be the advocate to the student body. My job will consist of not only the every day tasks, but I will actively pursue routes to exceed any expectations ever held for the position. Zakary Gosa-Lewis Presidential Candidate Turn to page 5 to begin a comprehensive guide to the candidates running for office CASSIE FAMBRO | EDITOR Students concerned: Is parking ticket frequency rising? By JAYSON CURRY More on parking tickets: turn to page 4 for the perspective from student ticket writers T he students at the University of South Alabama have expressed dismiss and confusion recently over the USA parking rules and regulations, more specifically why they were given a ticket. While many students complain about parking, one is saying that students need to learn personal responsibility. “Too many people complain about getting tickets after 1:45 p.m. and many of them are misled on the rules that apply there. You still have to have a current parking permit and you must stay in student spaces (white lined). Any variation from this will put you at risk of a ticket,” USA student Daniel Lowe said. “Don’t just take what people tell you about parking for granted, read the rules and regulations yourself,” Lowe added. Students at USA have come accustomed to this debate over parking at USA and most believe there aren’t enough spots for students to park but the rules for parking have rarely changed. According to USA Parking Services, every vehicle on campus must have a parking permit of some sort. Each student with a permit must park in their correct zone from 7a.m. to 1:45 p.m. every Monday through Friday. Students may only park in teacher spots after 5 p.m. on those same days. Many students vented their frustration find us on Facebook “ TheVanguardUSA” with heir parking ticket recently on The Vanguard’s Facebook. Some believe the issuing of tickets has risen in the past few weeks and in part because of who is ticketing for USA. “As a part of some departmental realignments last year, student ticket writers have now been hired to assist with the enforcement of the USA’s parking regulations,” USAPD Capt. Keith West said. West added the thought of tickets rising was an inaccurate perception West also serves as the Parking Director for USA. According to the numbers from USAPD there has actually been a decrease in issued tickets from last year to this year. From January 16, 2012 through Feb- Check out our digital edition Some students park anywhere... ruary 17, 2012 there was 6,999 citations issued compared to only 4,871 from January 14 through February 22 this year. Another issue that has come up is students are now finding their cars booted, in other words, their wheels are locked down and rendered immobile. According to the parking policy at USA, Photo by JT Crabtree any violation of parking rules and regulations can cause your car to be booted. The rules on parking boots ranges from parking in the wrong zone to parking in an unregulated non-parking area like a sidewalk or on grass. The boot itself will cost you a $20 See TICKET Page 4 In this Issue: Life, Page 11 Sports, Page 15 Opinion, Page 9

March 25, 2013 Issue

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