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Inside Inside    hp Speraw Named U.S. Men s National Volleyball Team Head Coach By B.J. Hoeptner Evans, USA Volleyball Manager of Communications John Speraw had Hugh McCutcheon to thank, or perhaps blame, for his very busy schedule during the next four years. Speraw, a two-time Olympic assistant coach for the U.S. Men’s National Volleyball Team, was named the program’s head coach for the next Olympic Games quadrennial culminating at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games, by USA Volleyball Chief Executive Officer Doug Beal on March 25. Speraw, 41, will also continue as the head men’s volleyball coach at UCLA in a dual role with the U.S. Men’s National Volleyball Team. He accepted the head job at his alma mater in June 2012 and is completing his first campaign with the Bruins. Less than three weeks prior to the announcement that he would be the new U.S. Men’s head coach, Speraw thought his schedule during the summer of 2013 would allow him to take a trip to Scotland with his parents. But a conversation with McCutcheon, who hired Speraw as one of his assistants in 2007, sent him a different direction. “He asked about what the discussions had been with Doug (Beal) previously about the dual role (with UCLA and the U.S. Men’s Team),” Speraw said. “I told him I thought the dual role was more doable than I had even foreseen a year before when it was being discussed.” Inside this Issue: Girls’ Player Spotlight—page 2 Girls’ Coach Spotlight—page 4 Top 3 recruiting Must Do’s—page 6 HP and CAP Team Up—page 8 Boys’ Coach Spotlight—page 12 McCutcheon called Beal, who called Speraw and put things in motion. “I am very happy that John has accepted our offer to be the U.S. Men’s head coach,” Beal said. “He’s the right person for the job for this quad at this time. He’s a terrifically talented coach who has had a remarkable level of success at the college level. He knows the current U.S. Men’s player pool very well from his experiences over the last two quads. He has mentored under both Hugh McCutcheon and Alan Knipe.” Speraw said he felt ready for the challenge of leading two men’s volleyball teams. “The support and resources at UCLA are beyond what I have imagined,” he said. “I have two great assistant coaches (at UCLA) in Brad Keller and Andrea Becker and an amazing staff. “I am excited to take on this new role with USA Volleyball," Speraw said. “I am honored to have been selected to coach this elite group of talented U.S. players and I appreciate UCLA's support in allowing me to pursue this tremendous opportunity.” “I congratulate John Speraw on his appointment as head coach for the U.S. national team,” said Dan Guerrero, UCLA athletic director. “UCLA volleyball has always had strong ties with USA Volleyball and I look forward to John’s success with both programs.” 1

March/April 2013 Inside HP Newsletter

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