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fsSlttccr (ka-lskl th*t collects- 2, a p 'uj: Rbbrevialed o i lector ship Cs the office of coiic< collector. Collfvn (kol'eu, femm'oe aame. coMeen (kol'oo.. lo _ J. etct . fir girll. Ilrishl, agucoMe^c ;!:o!-i5), n. guild, fraternity 3. *JJ to , assocIatioTi cf .iiul9 <* icdin and Juties. iind M tic elH^toiai cotlci university coir"nui institution of hiKhi the completion of < of liic schools of a grsntins degrees -.n study, as liberal ai cr; ' etc administration, legare, to which oBer, a .egate). oSicd: bachelor' cin profess'' inatructiL ness t. u* l. ,::' -! '"'""'ij I --' m cotiet, " group of bti..'' Coiie^e of Catholic Cl i - . ' it administtr^ and elects fcis ... coMeftet (1 ,4'i a college; England ^ s;jt'C-'-- sui'l .\:y,^J !:ation Brtl.. skwir'al), n. escurel; LL. of 'SCJurtoIiM, dim. ?jtwriuj, for L. sciurus:OT. skiouros, squir rel < skia, a shadow + mra, of a tail). group of 1. any small. tree-dweUing rodents with heavy fur and a long, bnuhy tail: qieciei are the tray tmtirr'l, the red common squirr^ squirrel, aai 1< the of the tstem 'shei. that j,if^' ^^ peart squit^ to these, m of Auitraw these aninv squirrel f having J' ' COMMON CBAT SQtnUtH. (1 1/2 ft. long) of various other rodents related unlcs, certain flying phalangers 3. the fur of some of -s, etc. 'th cream-colored flowers, nlike buds, ^ered < earlier svirt < *o spurt; shoot out, as (a person or something used to wet 1. ' ;. -f^it Ul i . < r i-


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