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2014 Summer Study Program in Salamanca, Spain July 1-30, 2014 Professor Mario F. Trubiano, Director


Director Profesor MARIO TRUBIANO Hispanic Studies, University of Rhode Island

Guest Novelist JOSÉ MARÍA MERINO “La invención de la realidad”

Critic-in-Residence Profesor ARCADIO LOPÉZ-CASANOVA Universidad de Valencia, Spain La literatura romantica Poesía

Critic-in-Residence Profesor ANGEL BASANTA Literary Critic, El Cultural, Madrid Literatura peninsular Novela

A LITTLE ABOUT SALAMANCA... Founded by the Romans, the city of Salamanca offers a resplendent setting for immersion in Spanish life, language and culture. Situated in the northwest region of Spain (about 120 miles from Madrid and near the border of Portugal), Salamanca boasts one of the oldest universities in the world and the oldest in Spain, as well as the country’s most magnificent examples of Renaissance and Baroque architecture, century old cathedrals, and monuments.


Up to nine (9) undergraduate language (beginning, intermediate, third year, etc.) and culture credits (no more than six (6) credits as language learning courses). Placement exam may determine number of credits for which students are allowed to register. PRE-REQUISITE: One semester of college Spanish or equivalent preferred but not required. Language Practicum: In addition to the regular classroom instructional hours, all language students may participate in small groups (not to exceed 6 students per group) in a “living” language practicum with a native instructor, two or four times a week, depending on the program and level enrolled.

PROGRAM B: GRADUATE (AND ADVANCED UNDERGRADUATE) LITERATURE, LANGUAGE, AND CULTURE FEE: $3,750 Up to six (6) graduate credits, the graduate program may lead toward a M.A. in Hispanic Studies by completing a portion of the credits through the summer study program in Salamanca, Spain. Admission to the URI Study Abroad Program in Salamanca does not constitute admittance to the degree program. Students will register for two (2) of the graduate level courses offered, and audit one (1) additional course for a minimum of 72 hours. THE CRITICS-IN-RESIDENCE will provide conferences or discussion sessions to enrich the program.

GRADUATE & ADVANCED UNDERGRADUATE COURSE OFFERINGS SPA 585; SPA 473 (3) SPA 570; SPA 473 SPA 597; SPA 497 SPA 597(1); SPA 497(1) SPA 473(1) SPA 473 (2) SPA 307 SPA 306

“Del 98 a finales del siglo XX. Cinco cumbre literarias: Unamuno, Baroja, Valle-Inclán Delibes y José M. Merino,” Profesor Angel Basanta, Literary Critic, El Cultural, Madrid, Spain and President, Spanish Literary Association (AECL). “La literatura romantica española: 1830-1850,” Profesor Arcadio Lopéz-Casanova, Universidad de Valencia, Spain. “Problemas fundamentales de la gramática española,” (Cross-listed with SPA 597(1); SPA 497(1)) Profesora María Marcos, Profesora Auxiliadora Vicente, Colegio Hispano Continental. “Español para maestros,” (Cross-listed with SPA 597; SPA 497) Profesora María Marcos, Profesora Auxiliadora Vicente, Colegio Hispano Continental. “La cultura española contemporánea,” Profesora Imelda Cuesta Ortiz, Colegio Hispano Continental. “La cultura de la España Medieval y del Siglo de Oro,” Profesor Fernando Bullón Abón, Colegio Hispano Continental. “Introduccíon a la cultura y literatura Medieval y del Siglo de Oro,” Profesora María Hernández Bóveda, Colegio Hispano Continental. “Introducción a la literatura y cultura hispanoamericana contemporánea,” Profesora Isabel González Cuellar, Colegio Hispano Continental.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FEE INCLUDES: Tuition, language practicum, cultural activities, guided instructional excursions, accommodation (doubleoccupancy rooms), meals (3 meals/day), conference dinner, cultural parties, convocation/graduation parties, health insurance (July 1-30 2014) and bus transportation from airport (Madrid/Salamanca only). FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Airfare to and from Spain, books, Certificate of Study from Colegio Hispano Continental, personal expenses, laundry, passport expenses or additional travel after termination of the program. LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Dormitory or homestay (double-occupancy rooms). Single-occupancy rooms are available (primarily in the dormitory) upon request for an additional fee of 40€ (Euros) for dormitory and 90€ (Euros) for homestay, payable in Spain. SCHOLARSHIPS: Five $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to graduate students in Program B. Five $500 scholarships will be awarded to undergraduate students in Program B. Several scholarships ranging from $150-$500 will be available to students in Program A. Applications are available online. Scholarship deadline is April 1, 2014. URI students applying for summer financial aid should do so in early spring. STUDY: Students will spend one or two days in academic and cultural orientation and will be tested for placement. The next four (4) weeks will be devoted to academic and cultural instruction. GRADES: Grades will be based on classroom examinations and performance, language practicum performance, and participation in all activities of the program. TRANSCRIPTS: Official transcripts may be obtained by logging onto e-Campus and requesting your official transcript: TRAVEL: Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from Spain. The cost will depend on the place, date of departure, and time of purchase. The URI Faculty-Led Study Program DOES NOT endorse or recommend any specific airline or travel agency. FREE LAND TRANSPORTATION provided from Madrid (Barajas Airport) to Salamanca for students that arrive at Barajas Airport (Madrid) no later than 1:30 pm on July 1, 2014.

EXCURSIONS NOTE: The following excursions are included in the program fee and carry no additional cost.

July 06, 2014 SEGOVIA July 17-20, 2014 ANDALUCĺA (Córdoba, Granada), TOLEDO & MADRID Three (3) nights at a 4-star hotel with double occupancy.* Transportation, breakfast, dinner (first two (2) nights only), side trips to beaches, etc.

NOTE: The following excursion carries a co-payment of 200€, payable in Spain.

July 11-13, 2014 LISBON, FÁTIMA, CIUDAD RODRIGO, Beach

Two (2) nights at a 4-star hotel with double occupancy.* Transportation, breakfast, dinner, side trips to beaches, etc.

*It is the responsibility of students to pair up for room assignments. ** Single occupancy may be requested for a supplemental fee of 125€ (Euros), payable in Spain. Minimum participants: 40; Maximum: 50




Salamanca Study Abroad Application Form Application Instructions: Please be sure to PRINT or TYPE all information. Complete the entire program application before submitting it for review. Once your completed application is received, it will be forwarded to the Program Director for evaluation. You will receive a letter, via email, regarding the decision of your application. A completed application consists of the following: ❐ Application Form ❐ Recommendation Form ❐ Program Release Form ❐ Social Standing Form ❐ Official Transcript (or unofficial from URI students) ❐ Excursion Selection Form ❐ Copy of your Passport ❐ Two Passport-Size Photos ❐ $150 Deposit (If admitted, the deposit will be applied toward your program fee)

Please Note: 

Deposits and final payments may be paid by check or money order. Please make checks payable to the University of Rhode Island.

Final payments can be paid by credit card by contacting enrollment services at URI. (Select credit card payments at quick link or go to, (401-874-9500) Please note that transaction fees apply for credit card payments.

Please use a separate form for each person, if more than one family member is applying.

Completed applications and questions regarding the URI Salamanca Study Abroad Program should be sent to: URI Office of International Education 37 Lower College Road Kingston, R.I. 02881 401-874-2019

❐ URI CCE Student

❐ Non-URI Student - Name of Institution: _______________________________________

❐ URI Kingston Student

If you have a disability and need an accommodation, please call 401-874-2395 upon application. For TTY assistance, please call the R.I. Relay Service at 1-800-745-5555.

Send this form with $150 deposit, transcript, two passport-size photos, signed program release form, copy of passport and one recommendation form from a faculty member, colleague, or supervisor to: URI Office of International Education 37 Lower College Road, Kingston, RI 02881, USA. The deposit will be applied to your program fee if you are accepted, and refunded to you only if you are not. If accepted, full payment is required by Friday, May 30, 2014. Refunds made through June 16, 2014 only.

Application Deadline: Friday, May 23, 2014

Signed: _________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________

I do not allow photographs

I do allow photographs

Please Check One:

I am aware that photographs may be taken on the University of Rhode Island Salamanca Study Abroad Program. Additionally, I am aware that the Office of International Education at the University of Rhode Island may use photographs of me for various academic/promotional purposes. My photographs may be seen on the URI International Education website, and also at promotional events such as the Study Abroad Fair. I understand that these photographs will be used in conjunction with the Office of International Education at the University of Rhode Island for educational purposes only.

Photograph Agreement and Release Form:

Major(s):__________________________________________ Cumulative GPA: _________________________

Phone Number: _________________________________ Email:______________________________________

City:___________________________________ State:_________ Zip Code:_____________________________


500 level courses are strictly graduate: 400 level courses are graduate and advanced senior level undergraduate.


____________________________(3 credits)

____________________________(3 credits)

List course # and brief title you wish to take listed under program B offerings (any three courses – two for credit, one audit):

(graduate and advanced undergraduate literature/language/culture)

❐ Program B - $3,750




List Spanish courses or level you will have completed by June 2014 (give course titles):

❐ Program A - $3,650 (intensive undergraduate language & culture)

❐ Other _____________________________

*Additional fee of 90 euros for single (if available) payable in Spain

Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

❐ Multiracial

❐ Native American


❐ Biracial

❐ Hispanic/Latino

❐ single occupancy**

*Additional fee of 40 euros for single (if available) payable in Spain

❐ double occupancy

❐ double occupancy ❐ single occupancy*



❐ Smoker ❐ Nonsmoker ❐ Vegetarian


Passport No. (if available at this time):_____________________ Country of passport:___________________

❐ African American

Ethnicity (optional): ❐ White ❐ Asian/Pacific Islander

URI Student ID number:_________________________ Gender:__________ Date of Birth: ________________

Please Check One:

Name (Please Print): __________________________________________________________________________

URI Salamanca Study Abroad Program 2014

Salamanca Study Abroad Recommendation Form This section is to be completed by the applicant Applicant’s Last Name

_________________________________________________________________________ Applicant’s First Name

_________________________________________________________________________ Term abroad: Summer 2014 I hereby request that you complete and submit this confidential Recommendation Form to the URI Office of International Education. I understand that with my signature below, I waive my right to access the information contained herein. Applicant’s Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ______________________

This section is to be completed by individual providing reference The applicant named above is applying to the URI Salamanca Study Abroad Program. Please rate this individual on the following characteristics to the best of your ability. On a separate letter, please feel free to make any additional comments concerning the applicant and/or their qualifications for the program. How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant? ____________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________________ Please rate the applicant in the following areas: Academic interest and motivation

Excellent 

Good 

Average 

Fair 

Poor 

Unable to Rate 

Responsibility and reliability

Adaptability to anything new or unstructured

Maturity, self-confidence and self esteem

Social interaction

Evaluator’s Name and Title: ______________________________________________________________________ Academic Department and College: _______________________________________________________________ E-mail: ____________________________________________ Office Phone: ______________________________ Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: _______________________________

URI ID (If Applicable) _____________

Social-Standing Approval Form For Off-Campus Study URI Students: Please complete the top portion only. This form will be sent to the URI Division of Student Affairs on your behalf. NON-URI Students: Please complete the top portion and have the bottom portion completed by the Student or Judicial Affairs office at your home institution. Last Name __________________________________________________________________________________________ First Name


___________________________________________________________________________________ Intended program of study off campus: Salamanca, Spain Term to be spent off campus: Summer 2014 Students who are seeking a URI study abroad experience must meet the academic requirements of their intended program as well as be in good social and academic standing at their home institution. As part of their study abroad application, students must read and sign acknowledging their agreement to the following stipulations: Participation in study abroad is both an opportunity and a privilege. It is URI’s expectation that all students on URIsanctioned study abroad programs will maintain conduct that exemplifies rules and regulations of the University, those of the host institution providing the study abroad experience, as well as those of the student’s host country. Conduct that does not fall in line with these rules and regulations will be deemed terms for immediate dismissal from the program at the student’s expense. I understand the above regulations as stipulated by the University of Rhode Island and agree to allow the Office of Student Affairs to release any information contained in my social-standing record with the University that they deem relevant.

Student Signature of Release: _________________________________________________ Date: _____________________

To be completed by URI’s Division of Student Affairs OR student’s home institution In your capacity as Judicial Affairs Administrator, please answer the following question: Is this student in good social standing with their home institution?

□Yes □No

Comments: ______________________________________________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Student Affairs/Judicial Affairs Administrator Information: Name: ____________________________________________ Signature: ___________________________________ Title: _____________________________________________ Date: _______________________________________


___________________________________________________________________________________ In order to finalize excursion arrangements, it is important that you indicate which excursions you are planning to participate in. Please complete and return this form as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, May 23, 2014. We cannot guarantee your reservation (participation in these excursions) unless we receive this information by May 23, 2014. Instructions where/when to meet in Madrid (Barajas Airport on July 1, 2014), what to take, addresses/phone number, etc., will be sent to students, via email, in May 2014.


EXCURSIONS 1. July 6, 2014 SEGOVIA (Day Excursion)

will participate (check)

will not participate (check)

supplement fee individual room (check)


2. July 11-13, 2014 LISBON, FATIMA, CIUDAD RODRIGO, Beach (two (2) nights at a 4-star hotel, double occupancy*, transportation, breakfast, and dinner, side trips to beaches, etc.). Minimum participants: 40; Maximum: 50 * Reservation/obligation is guaranteed only upon payment in Spain, up to the first 50 paid students. 3. July 17-20, 2014 ANDALUCIA (Córdoba, Granada) TOLEDO AND MADRID (three (3) nights at 4-star hotel, double occupancy, transportation, breakfast and dinner (first (2) nights only), side trips to beaches, etc. Minimum participants: 40; Maximum: 50



Optional* excursion with copayment of 200 Euros (Payable in Spain)


125 Euros (Payable in Spain)

 125 Euros (Payable in Spain)

Note: Overnight excursions are based on double occupancy and it is the responsibility of the students to pair up for the hotel room assignments. Failure to pair up will necessitate utilization of single occupancy and, therefore, the student will have to pay the single occupancy supplement of 125 Euros (Payable in Spain). *Single occupancy may be requested for a supplemental fee of 125 Euros for Lisbon and 125 Euros for Andalucía. Name of Student: _________________________________________________________________________ Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ______________________________ Return Completed Form to: URI Office of International Education 37 Lower College Road Kingston, R.I. 02881 401-874-2019

Application Deadline MAY 23, 2014

For Application and Additional Information Visit:

For sign language interpretation, personal FM systems, and disability assistance, please contact the URI Office of International Education. For TDD assistance, please call 401-277-5020.

The University of Rhode Island is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.

Contact Information Professor Mario F. Trubiano Department of Languages Swan Hall 214 University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI 02881 401-874-4717 URI Office of International Education International Center 37 Lower College Rd. Kingston, RI 02881 401-874-2019

University of Rhode Island Salamanca Summer Program 2014