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global currency (gloh-buhl kur-uhn-see), n. - funds derived from scholarships, financial aid, and careful planning that help students finance an international academic experience, which provides them with the knowledge and skills required to prepare them for an increasingly interconnected and everchanging world.

Cover photo: Freeman-Asia and Centennial scholarship recipient, Maranda Cimeno (center), during her semester studying abroad in South Korea. Majors: Mathematics and Physics

Opportunities abound There are a variety of funding resources available to help URI students integrate an international experience into their academic program. As you prepare to navigate the globe, here is some information on financing your sojourn...

DAAD Scholarship recipient and Talent Development student, Karolina Gaide, studied and interned abroad in Germany for an academic year. DESCRIPTION /OVERMajors: Global Business Management and German VIEW “After being admitted to URI as a Talent Development student, I spent a semester in Japan my sophomore year then, participated in a year-long study/internship program in Germany. Studying abroad was by far the favorite part of my college experience.�

think scholarships Rhode Island, Regional, & National Scholarship Programs There are multiple local, regional and national scholarship programs that provide financial awards to support study abroad participation. The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program alone has awarded nearly 10,000 scholarships in its first 10 years of existence. In addition to our scholarship website, where you can find links to information on major scholarship opportunities, the Institute for International Education’s Study Abroad Funding page provides links to hundreds of scholarship opportunities. Visit them on the web at:

Gilman Scholarship recipient, Danielle Henderson,studied abroad for a sem Majors: English and Women’s Studies

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and professional, until you spend time in another country or culture. I loved my tim decided to return to Europe for graduate school!”

Office of International Education & Partner Program Scholarships Most URI study abroad programs, such as our Faculty-led Summer Programs, provide scholarship opportunities aimed at helping students finance their overseas experience. In addition, most URI study abroad partners provide awards: many just for URI students! Visit our scholarship web site for details.

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URI Institutional Scholarships and Grants Institutional awards such as Centennial Scholarships, University Grants, and Talent Development Awards may be used to fund a portion of URI fall, spring, or academic year exchanges and affiliated study abroad programs.

Gilman and Centennial Scholarship recipient, William Seites-Rundlett, studied and interned abroad in Germany for an academic year. Majors: Civil Engineering and German “Studying abroad completely changed my college experience. I learned things about myself and other cultures, which I could not learn in Rhode Island. I also spent my year worry free with the help of various scholarships. Instead, I concerned myself with making great friends and great memories!�

Gilman and Centennial Scholarship recipient, Andrea Russell, studied abroad for a semester in South Africa. Major: Pharmacy “My semester in South Africa has opened so many doors for me already - I can’t wait to see what comes next! studying abroad expanded my world-view and helped me find my passion for all things international. It was such a great experience, nothing can top this!”

Federal and State Financial Aid Many students and their families rely on federal and state financial aid to fund their education. Those eligible for federal and state aid may use these funds towards approved education abroad programs. Participants who already receive aid may also qualify for additional funding to offset the extra costs sometimes associated with international study. Even students who have not received financial aid in the past may be eligible for financial aid to help with additional study abroad expenses. Our office and the staff in the URI Enrollment Services Office/Financial Aid are available to provide guidance on these matters.

SMALL STRATEGIES THAT MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE Start Early - Last-minute “free” money is not a reality – students with real financial need should start planning and looking for funding at least a year in advance.

Do Your Research - There are affordable study

abroad programs out there if you do your homework. Location, cost of living, program duration, currency exchange rates, program “add-ons” such as excursion packages, will affect cost.

Set Priorities and a Budget - Personal goals

and spending habits make a difference. Set goals and a budget and stick to them.

Utilize Campus Resources - This booklet is just a primer to get you started. The Office of International Education is here to help guide you through the process and provide advice on resources to consider.

Be Resourceful - Contact civic and Cultural heritage organizations, sororities or fraternities, campus organizations and departments, religious organizations, etc. with whom you may have an affiliation to determine if funding is available.

Be Flexible - Focusing on goals and objectives versus

destination can result in savings. For example, studying Spanish in Latin America vs. Spain, or Business in Prague vs. Paris, can result in reduced program expenses due to cost of living considerations.

Be Persistent - Apply for as many scholarships as you can!

URI Office of International Education Scholarship recipient and Talent Development student, Karley Cato, studied in the Dominican Republic on URI’s Winter Session program. Major: Communications Studies “My study abroad experience can only be summed up in two words - SIMPLY AMAZING - and I was only out the U.S. for two weeks. Studying abroad is the best out of classroom experience you can get; I don’t know why I waited until my senior year. Don’t make the mistake I made, don’t wait, just do it!!”

Helpful Resources for funding study abroad URI Office of International Education URI Office of International Education, Study Abroad Scholarship page URI Enrollment Services Office, Financial aid advising and guidance for URI students Federal Financial Aid, Application and federal financial aid information Institute for International Education (IIE), Database with hundreds of study abroad scholarship opportunites Study, Study abroad, financial aid, and grants page, study abroad scholarship opportunities Diversity, Study abroad scholarships and grants Transitions, study abroad fundinginformation printfundingactivities.shtml

Gilman Scholarship recipient, Mallory Fink, studied abroad in Cambodia and Thailand for a semester. Major: Film Media

“Studying abroad in Thailand and Cambodia has been one of the best things I have done in my life so far. I definitely plan on coming back here again.�

Contact Information URI Office of International Education International Center, 37 Lower College Road Kingston, RI 02881 Phone: +1.401.874.5546 Fax: +1.401.874.4573 Email: Facebook: URI Study Abroad

Produced by edp 622 students, kevin kassebaum & tom hospod, for the uri office of international education. all photos courtesy of the uri students featured in this document. all policies and opportunites described within are subject to change.

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