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Auto Home Life Health Bonds  Commercial INVITATION TO BID Insurance? I nsurance P rofessionals Can Help! I nsurance Professionals 7 Auto Home Life Health Bonds  Commercial I nsuranc i p We Can Help! Need Insurance? Auto  Home Life Health Bonds  Commercial Sealed proposals from contractors will be received for the Butler Auto Home L High School Additions & Renovations, Project No. B-12-0011052 by the County Board of Education of Richmond County at the address below until 3:00 p.m. local time, on Wednesday, August 14, 2013, at which time bids will be publicly opened and 560.9997 fax 706.560.9997 Auto Home Life Health Bonds  Commercial  fax read. No extension of the bidding period will be made. ip Need Insuran 706.560.9990 Insurance P rofessionals I nsurance P rofessionals We Can Help    Insurance? 560.9990 Can Help! UrbanProWeekly • JULY 18 - 24, 2013 ip I nsurance Professionals  6-C Tobacco Rd JyNelle Handy, Agent A Pre-Bid Conference will be held on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 zibah, GA 30815 INFO@INS-PROS.COM 2636-C Tobacco Rd Hephzibah, GA 30815 JyNelle Han Need Insurance? 706.560.99  706.560.9997 fax We Can Help! 560.9990 at 10:00 a.m. local time in the existing cafeteria, 2011 Lumpkin Road, Augusta, Georgia 30906. 560.9997 fax INFO@INS-PR  Drawings and project manual on this work may be examined at the Department of Maintenance and Facilities, Richmond County 6-C Tobacco Rd 1781 15th Street, JyNelle Agent 2636-C Tobacco Rd Augusta, Handy, Georgia 30901. Board of Education, zibah, GA 30815 Hephzibah, GA 308 INFO@INS-PROS.COM Bidding documents may be obtained through the office of the Auto  Home Life  Health Bonds  Commercial  Walton Way, Augusta, Auto Home Life Health Bonds  Commercial architect: Studio 3Design Group, 1617 706.560.9997 fax Georgia 30904. In order to obtain plans and specifications,  contractors and sub-contractors MUST first contact Studio 3 2636-C JyNelle Handy, Agent Design Group, P.C. attention: Jennifer Powell at (706) Tobacco 667-9784 Rd Can Help! We Can Help! with the following information: CompanyHephzibah, Name, Contact, Mailing GA 30815   INFO@INS-PROS.COM  Address, Phone and Fax Numbers and E-mail Address. This   information is required in order for plans and specifications to be purchased. Upon receiving the above information, plans may be purchased AUGUSTA, 1281 Broad Street, Auto  Home  LifeARC  Health  Bonds  Commercial  Augusta, GA Auto Home L 560.9997 faxfrom 706.560.9997 fax 30901 (706) 724-7924. Any shipping will be at5 the purchasers cost or byRd use of a mailing account. 6-C Tobacco JyNelle Handy, Agent 2636-C Tobacco Rd JyNelle Han 706.560.9990 i I nsurance Professionals I nsurance Professionals p     Insurance? Need Insurance? ip 560.9990 I nsurance Professionals 706.560.9990 I nsuranc Insurance? Need Insuran Contractors note that this project will be awarded based on base Help! plus the Richmond County School System’s selected Can We Can Help additive alternates referenced in the contract documents for nsurance rofessionals ip Alternates. Auto Home Life Health Bonds  Commercial zibah, GA 30815 INFO@INS-PROS.COM I 560.9990 Hephzibah, GA 30815 P Contract, if awarded, will be on a lump sum basis. No bid may be withdrawn for a period of thirty-five (35) days after time has been 560.9997 fax called on the date of opening. Auto Home Life Health Bonds  Commercial INFO@INS-PR INFO@INS-PROS.COM 706.560.99 706.560.9997 I nsurance Professionals nsuranceLLC Professionalsfax Need Insurance? ipLARRY LI McCORD Auto Home Life Health Bonds  Commercial We Can Help! Bid must beRd accompanied by a bid bond in an amount Agent not less 6-C Tobacco JyNelle Handy, than 5% of the base bid. Personal checks, certified checks, letters zibah, GA 30815 INFO@INS-PROS.COM Insurance? of credit, etc., are not acceptable. 2636-C Tobacco Rd Hephzibah, GA 308 LLC Need Insurance? DESIGN - BUILD The successful bidder will be Can Help! required to furnish performance and payment bonds in an amount equal to 100% of the contract price. We Can Help! 706.560.9990“One-Stop Construction” 560.9990 706.560.9997 The Richmond County Board of Education reserves the right to fax reject any 560.9997 faxand all bids and to waive technicalities and informalities. 2636-C Tobacco Rd I nsurance Professionals BID LIST:RdThe Richmond JyNelle County Board of Education maintains 6-C Tobacco Handy, Agent Hephzibah, GA a bid list for many categories that are let for bid each year.30815 zibah, GA 30815 INFO@INS-PROS.COM Contact Amy Bauman in the Business Office (706) 826-1298 or Auto Home Life Health Bonds  Commercial at  if you  need additional information concerning the bid list. To promote local participation, a database of sub-contractors, Insurance? suppliers, and vendors has been developed by the Program Can Help! I nsurance Professionals Manager, GMK Associates. Contact Jeanine Usry with GMK Associates at (706) for location Auto  Home Life Health 826-1127 Bonds  Commercial  to review and obtain this database 560.9990 Insurance? ip Bids shall be submitted and addressed to: 560.9997 fax Can Help! 6-C Tobacco Rd zibah, GA 30815 706.560.9997 fax Architectural Drafting &Agent Construction JyNelle Handy, ip 2636-C Tobacco Rd I JyNelle Han nsuranc House Plans • Church PlansAuto  Home L Renovation Projects • Metal Buildings INFO@INS-PROS.COM Hephzibah, GA 30815 INFO@INS-PR Need Larry L. McCord Can ProvideInsuran All We rofessionals Can Help Your Design and Construction nsurance Auto Home Life Health Bonds  Commercial Needs All Under One Roof ip I P I nsurance Professionals 706.560.99 Need Insurance? Auto Home Life Health Bonds  Commercial Dr. Frank G. Roberson, Superintendent Richmond County School System 6-C Tobacco JyNelle Handy, Agent 864Rd Broad Street zibah, GA Augusta, 30815 Georgia 30901 INFO@INS-PROS.COM 560.9997 fax Attention: Mr. C. Gene Spires, Controller 560.9990 706.560.9990 Our Office Provides: Need Insurance? We Can Help! JyNelle Handy, Agent INFO@INS-PROS.COM 2016 Highland Avenue We CanGeorgia Help! 706.560.9997 fax Augusta, 30904-5352 2636-C Tobacco Rd 706.560.9990 Hephzibah, GA 308 Office: (706) 733-2931 706.560.9997 fax Cell (706) 267-7998 2636-C Tobacco Rd JyNelle Han Email: Hephzibah, GA 30815 INFO@INS-PR

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