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TCOM ALUMNI TCOM ALUMNI NEWSLETTER March 2013 “GRAMMY” LYNN SCOTT: Blazing Fresh Trails D on’t let that word “retirement” fool you: Lynn Scott’s off to Colorado to tackle the world’s longest zip-line, tromp through snow-covered hills and indulge her love of music by buying a baby grand. And that’s just for starters. Her whirlwind energy is certainly no surprise to any of the thousands of students she’s shepherded through TCOM over the last 13 years. “I’m a gold miner,” she says. “Every year, we get more than 3,000 applications and within all that paperwork, there are people destined to be wonderful physicians and practitioners. I like to think I’ve helped a few of them find their calling.” “She ferrets out the person behind the words and makes an instant connection between what is and what can be. And then she connects with the person in a lasting, positive and indelible way.” Joel Daboub, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Outreach Two of her special connections, and the source of her “Grammy” nickname, are her “adopted” sons, Jose Meza, DO (‘08) and Rijo Philip, DO (‘12). “We talk all the time, spend holidays together, the whole bit,” she says. “I’ve got two great kids and not one stretch mark!” IN THIS ISSUE • A Word from Mike Kennedy • Walking in Their Footsteps: TCOM Alumni Support Scholarships • Spotlight on…Colten Luedke, DO, TCOM 2010 • Keeping Pace with PACE • Save the Date • In Memoriam: Wayne Stockseth • A Stampede of Community Engagement: Cowtown Marathon 2013 “She is one of those rare people you come across in your lifetime that changes you for the better,” says Dr. Meza. “She saw more in me than just an MCAT score: she saw me. I excelled in medical school in part because I couldn’t bear the thought of letting her down. I’m privileged to be a part of her life!” “Lynn’s heart has always been for her students,” says Dr. Philip, “whether it’s stocking her desk with chocolates, consoling them in distress or having them stop by for laughs. I doubt she fully appreciates the impact she’s had on our lives, especially those diamonds in the rough who Lynn took great joy in finding. She’s a rare gem herself and will be greatly missed at TCOM.” Whatever the future holds, one thing is clear: Lynn Scott’s giving heart will lighten the lives of those she meets throughout all her journeys.

TCOM Alumni Newsletter March 2013

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