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Newsletter of the School of Public Administration 3 Fall 2012/Winter 2013 exchange University of Nebraska Omaha 4 Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Ralph Waldo Emerson New SPA Faculty Dr. Jooho Lee and Dr.Tara Bryan From the Directors Desk: Collaborating Across Curricula, Colleges, Campuses, Community and Countries By Dr. Ethel Williams Greetings! This year has been an exciting one for the School of Public Administration (SPA). We have welcomed two new faculty members, Dr. Tara Bryan and Dr. Jooho Lee; we began the search for a senior-level professor in Health Care Administration, and launched the Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management. But, beyond these accomplishments, the 2012-2013 academic year marks the 40th anniversary for the College of Public Affairs and Community Service and the School of Public Administration. We celebrate this milestone in the history of the college and in the School. The theme of collaboration in this issue is truly appropriate for this time in the SPA’s history. The School, which started out as a department in 1972, has undergone tremendous growth and change, and most of it results from collaborative efforts. The first faculty of the department, Drs. Harry Reynolds, Harold Gordon, David Paulsen and David Scott, had the vision and foresight to establish collaborative efforts very early with city managers and public administrators across the state. They recognized that the discipline of public administration needed to be anchored in both theory and practice, and by so doing both the community and the academy could benefit. Their efforts developed partnerships that are still valued and used to strengthen public administration in the Omaha community, the state of Nebraska and beyond the borders of the United States while enhancing the education of students in the School. From a solid beginning, we have built on those collaborative efforts with community stakeholders to establish the Nebraska Municipal Clerk Institute and Academy in 1976, the Nebraska Certified Public Manager Program in 2007 and the Church Administration Institute in 2010. There are numerous other projects and grants that provide the opportunity to team with community leaders and administrators. In addition to work in the community the faculty and staff have worked across academic disciplines to develop the interdisciplinary B.S. in Emergency Management, and the joint MIS/MPA; and across disciplines, colleges and campuses to develop the Master of Science in Human Services Administration at UNL. Collaboration in the SPA is not narrowly defined. Working across borders has always generated great interest, pleasure and faculty and student growth and development. Stories of cold winters in Moldova and wonderful spring and summer weather in Norway have also anchored research partnerships and practical public sector initiatives in those countries and here. Lecturing and other opportunities in China have resulted from Ph.D. graduates who have remained connected to the SPA through research and other collaborations. Faculty Fulbright Fellowships in Estonia, Brazil and the Czech Republic continue to generate teaching and research opportunities for faculty and doctoral students and provide practical case studies for masters students. So, as we begin our 41st year we celebrate partnerships, team work and pooled resources and look for new opportunities to strengthen scholarship and public administration in Omaha and beyond. THE

Fall 2012/Winter 2013 SPA Newsletter

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