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Procedures for Making Gifts Securities Several ways of making a gift of securities to the Donor Advised Fund at The University of Alabama are described below. If you wish to make a gift of restricted (Rule 144) securities, simply contact us for instructions and additional information required for this type of stock. 1. Securities Held in a Brokerage Account Securities held by a broker may be delivered by wire through the Depository Trust Company (DTC) to our brokerage account at AmSouth Bank with the following instructions: Regions Bank Agent ID #17695 Institutional ID #17695 Participant #971 FBO: UA Donor Advised Fund Account # 1055000708 If you choose to make a gift of this type, please notify us in advance so that our broker can be alerted to expect the securities and so that we can document and acknowledge your gift properly. For your convenience, we’ve included a suggested instruction letter to your advisor on the back of this notice. 2. Securities Registered in Your Name If you have possession of stock certificates, mail the unendorsed certificate and a signed stock power in separate envelopes. You may obtain stock powers from your financial services provider, the University of Alabama Office of Advancement or our Web site, You may also hand-deliver certificates to our office. In either case, a letter of authorization regarding the purpose of the gift, signed by you, should accompany the certificates. Please deliver or mail to our office at: Box 870122 284 Rose Administration Building Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0122 Cash There are two ways to make a cash gift to the Donor Advised Fund: by check or federal funds wire transfer. 1. Gift by Check Please make your check payable to The University of Alabama Donor Advised Fund, and deliver the check personally or by mail to our office at: Box 870122 284 Rose Administration Building Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0122 On the memo line of your check, please write the name of the Donor Advised Fund you wish to receive the contribution.

DAF Procedures for Making Gifts

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