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How to Become a Volunteer Becoming a volunteer at University Hospital is a Volunteering simple but thorough process. We want to make sure the needs of all involved are being met and that all volunteers are well trained and confident in their positions. The application process can be expected to take about a month. Whether assisting patient care departments or being involved in fund-raising and organizational efforts, as a volunteer at University you will make an impact on our community. If you believe you can make a difference, we FIRST-CLASS MAIL plete and return the attached information card or call the Volunteer Office, 706/774-8877. We also may be reached at the University Web site, PERMIT NO. 233 POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE AUGUSTA GA ATTN VOLUNTEER SERVICES UNIVERSITY HEALTH CARE SYSTEM 1350 WALTON WAY AUGUSTA GA 30901-9884 BUSINESS REPLY MAIL invite you to consider spending time with us. Simply com- NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IN THE IF MAILED UNITED STATES 1350 Walton Way, Augusta GA 30901-2629 706/774-8877 9670-6985 01/08 Time Well Spent


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