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InUnison Published quarterly for the members of Unison Credit Union. Spring 2013 | No. 154 Freshen Your Finances! Spring cleaning isn’t just for your closet anymore. Like your closets and garage, your finances could also use a little de-cluttering this spring (or anytime of the year). Carefully discard old paperwork and develop a system for getting and/or staying organized and the payoff will be greater than just the satisfaction of tidying up. Let’s begin by gathering up all your paper documents including current bills, filed items and stray paperwork on your desk or stuffed in drawers that you have been “meaning to get to”. Financial expert, Suze Orman, suggests first sorting everything into six piles: • Ongoing Bills (monthly bills, account statements, and pay stubs) • Investment Statements (pension updates, 401(k) statements, brokerage and fund statements and so forth) • Tax Returns and Supporting Documents • Policy Documents and Deeds (insurance policies, home deed, car title, etc.) • Warranties and User Manuals • Forever Documents (things like marriage license, will, birth certificate) drive - thru Shred FeSt don’t Share it, Shred it! Saturday, May 11 | 9 a.m. - Noon Unison Credit Union | 1616 Crooks Ave., Kaukauna What needs to be shredded? • Pre-approved credit card offers • Receipts • Old checks • Monthly account or credit card statements • Bills • Old tax returns 10 box maximum per person. Shred Fest subject to end when truck becomes full. Create file folders for each category. Feel free to assign subfolders for each type of document within the main category. Take ongoing bills, for example. Store all gas bills in one folder, electricity bills in another, cable bills in a third and so on. Please take care when properly disposing of paperwork you no longer want or need to keep. Shredding your documents is a smart option. Unison will be hosting our spring Shred Fest on Saturday, May 11th from 9:00 a.m. – Noon at our Crooks Avenue location. Bring your papers to this free event and let the professionals from Cintas securely shred them. For your convenience, our Shred Fest is now set up as a drive-thru in our employee parking lot. Don’t share it, shred it - rain or shine, you won’t have to leave your vehicle! More companies are giving customers the option of receiving bills, notices and other paperwork electronically, as well as the ability to make payments online. Unison Credit Union is one of them! With It’s Me 247 online banking you can view your statements, receive notices, set up account alerts, transfer funds and so much more. Sign up for CU Easy Pay to receive bills electronically and pay them online! By eliminating paper bills, payments and statements alone you could save over seven pounds of paper each year! Also, when you sign up for e-statements you will automatically receive your InUnison newsletter electronically (paper versions will still be available in the lobby of each branch). Add checking your credit report/score to the “to do” list. Your credit history is the foundation of your financial stability, take time to make sure it is cleaned up too! The information on your credit report is what determines your score and affects how much you will pay for loans, insurance or other life needs. Check your report periodically so you can catch and fix any discrepancies right away. Order a free copy (one per year) of your credit report from If you find a mistake, determine if you need to take your dispute up with the lender or the credit-reporting bureau. Follow-up to make sure corrections were made and reflected on your report. Whether you stick to paper or try electronic recordkeeping, your financial clutter needs an overhaul every now and then. Organizing file folders into categories is user friendly for either your desk or computer desktop. Going paperless isn’t for everyone, but for others it may save you more than just paper cuts. Handling financial documents and other important information electronically can save space, time and perhaps your sanity!

InUnison spring 2013

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