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Union Public Schools College Planning Guide Table of Contents 1. Understanding Yourself and Choosing a Career Path 2. Selective Service and Military Opportunities 3. EXCELerate! Concurrent Enrollment 4. Career Tech Cooperative Alliance 5. Graduation Requirements 6. College Timetables 7. ACT and SAT Test Information 8. Investigate and Compare Colleges a. In State Admissions Standards b. College Comparison Charts c. College Visits 9. The College Admission Process a. b. c. d. e. f. g. General and Fee Waiver Information Tulsa Achieves Common Application Transcripts College Essay/Personal Statement Letters of Recommendation Letter of Recommendation Form 10. Financial Aid and Scholarships a. b. c. d. e. Oklahoma Promise FAFSA Types of Financial Aid Award Letters Locating Scholarships Understanding Yourself and Choosing a Career Path As you begin to plan for your next step after graduation, understanding your strengths and weaknesses along with your likes and dislikes is crucial. In

College Planning Guide

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