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LEGEND ST WO OD City Limits north Existing RD Short-term DR MAYFAIRE TO W N CT TOFF RD R RY AUTUMN HALL EA ST W OO MA LL AR D ST D RD MILITARY CU Medium-term Long-term Improved Pedestrian Crossing LANDFALL CENTER 0 0.25 0.5 1 Miles HO OK ER RD WRIGHTSVILLE AVE AIR LIE GR NV Wrightsville Beach Park ILL EA VE Airlie Gardens CA WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH ELEMENTARY US HIN TO NA VE EE RD EW AY DR D E LOOP R GREENVILL KB WA YN IC FRIENDS SCHOOL LV EA BRADLEY CREEK ELEMENTARY Nishtha Sharma ’11 Winding through the UNCW campus, Phase III of the 20-mile Cross City Trail is a crucial tie between sidewalks and bike trails from Monkey Junction to Wrightsville Beach. “This project is connecting our community in so many ways, literally threading through neighborhoods, linking them together,” Chancellor MAS ONB DePaolo said. ORO SOU ND R D When completed, Phase III will stretch from South College Road to Mallard Drive through the UNCW campus and will connect sidewalks and bicycle lanes along Randall Parkway with Mallard Drive at Hooker Road. The trail will move through Autumn Hall and connect with the already completed portion on Eastwood Road. Phase III will add three miles to the completed five miles of Phase I and II. This will make the Cross City Trail approximately 20 miles long, and it will stretch from Wade Park in the Monkey Junction area to the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge. In June 28, Mayor Bill Saffo ’83 announced that the city of Wilmington received $2 million in federal stimulus funding for the final phase of the trail. “This multi-use path will allow us to get out of our cars and walk, jog and bike all across the city. This in turn will help make us healthier, make our roadways a little less crowded and our environment a little cleaner,” said Saffo. fall 2010 UNCW Magazine 7

UNCW Magazine Fall 2010

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