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2013 FALL VOL 18 Upcoming Events • Parents Weekend This year’s dates: October 18-20, 2013. Families are invited to a public lecture, THE FORUM Friday at 4 pm, by DeRoy Professor Jacques Mistral: ”Whither Europe.” Reception following at 5 pm.  “Victors for Michigan” Financial Campaign News from the Honors Community P.6 Director’s Letter P.8 • Honors Award Ceremony Did you know you can Michigan League Ballroom, Thursday, May 1, 2014, 7pm. search for contacts demo- • 2014 Graduation graphically on LinkedIn? Go We’re headed back to Crisler Arena for the Honors 2014 Graduation Ceremony, to Members, Search, Ad- Friday, May 2, at 10 am. vanced Search, and use the For more Honors dates and events, see our website: tool bar in the left column for Location, as well as Industry, The Forum is available in an expandable view on our website: Company, and more! Advantage Honors P.2 Kick-off weekend for the fourth in this series is November 8-9, 2013. For an overview, see: Vis ua l Conne c t ions A “Test Your U-M Skills” video is now on the Alumni webpage, as well as new Us and Events/Parents Weekend pages. Check back regularly. We update images throughout the year as they are created within the Honors program and across campus. Introducing Alumni Profiles Brainstorming ways to connect our graduating These insightful pieces also inspire prospective classes and current students, the Alumni Council students wishing to pursue this engaging and rigor- and Honors Program Directors recently developed ous educational path. “The LSA Honors experi- Alumni Profiles, a new monthly feature which we ence created an instant small-knit community at began publishing in January on the Honors web- Michigan, fostered by inspiring and supportive site. professors, and a diverse group of talented Regents Branding 419 S State St 1330 Mason Hall Ann Arbor MI 48109-1027 734.764.6274 phone 734.763.6553 fax HRAs Earn Program Award P. 11 slideshows under the About Featured: Graduation 2013, Crisler Arena. The Forum Vol 18 2013 Photo: M Walle Professional Connections: LinkedIn® In May 2013, the Regents Honors Alum Rachel Severin (Honors BA/ rolled out new Block M Comparative Literature, 2010), then working and students,” shares Natasha Luppov (Honors BA/ Political Science and Russian, 2008), in the February profile. branding cross- residing in Ann Arbor, enthusiastically began inter- campus, unifying viewing candidates, whose professional accom- In the summer, we bade farewell to Severin, who is departments with plishments range from managing commercial oper- attending medical school at Columbia University a shared logo style. Here’s ations for Levi Strauss & Company to performing in (NYC). As Jacquelyn Turkovich (BA/English, our new social media logo. Cirque du Soleil. These profiles share the benefits 2006), Honors Academic Auditor, picks up the reins Look for it on Facebook, of a superior liberal arts education by showcasing of the profiles project, our plans include connecting Twitter, or on our Tumblr: the depth and breadth of experiences represented with current members on Honors Program Alum- “That’s So Honors” by each interviewee. ni—University of Michigan LinkedIn, as well as ( Readers delve into the dynamic ways Honors graduates’ lives have progressed and explore memories of their friends and days on campus. Says Kent Caldwell (BFA/BA, 2010), “There is so much to explore within the University and the city of Ann Arbor, and the mere four to five years to experience it all can come and go in a flash.” through personal relationships with the council, faculty, and staff. We are always on the lookout for interesting stories, complete with the unique twists and turns that make for an interesting road. Do you know someone who fits this description? Please let us know. Visit for details.

LSA Honors Forum 2013

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