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WOMEN'S AND GENDER STUDIES PROGRAM SPR I NG 2 0 14 NE W SL E T T ER GREETINGS FROM THE CO-DIRECTORS “The Women’s and Gender Studies Program has been part of the College of Humanities and Sciences for nearly 30 years. They continue to contribute in significant ways to the discussions of equity and diversity on our campus and in the greater community. It is wonderful to have them shaping the dialogue in this historic year for women’s rights in Montana.” Greetings from the Women’s and Gender Studies Program Co-Directors! As you will be able to tell from the newsletter, we have had a productive and busy Spring Semester. The campus, community, state, and national profile of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at the University of Montana has been elevated throughout this academic year. On a campus level, both Co-Directors have received campus-wide awards. Anya Jabour received the 2014 George M. Dennison Faculty Award for Distinguished Scholarship. Beth Hubble received the 2014 Nancy Borgmann Diversity Award. Further, the newly renamed College of Humanities and Sciences selected “gender” as the topic for their annual spring event “Dialogue of Intellectual Diversity,” which took place on April 24th. WGSSaffiliated faculty members Dr. Sara Hayden (Communication Studies) and Dr. Kimber Haddix McKay (Anthropology) discussed “Gender in Everyday Life” from the perspectives of their academic fields. The event was a great success, and President Royce Engstrom personally congratulated the panelists. The event was filmed and will become available on the website for the College of Humanities and Sciences soon at On a community level, the events organized for Women’s History Month and the Montana Woman Suffrage Centennial drew large crowds, all of whom got to see the amazing work our faculty, staff, and students are doing in celebration of 100 years of woman suffrage in Montana. On a state level, Anya Jabour serves on the advisory board of the Women’s History Matters project -Dean Christopher Comer hosted at the Montana Historical Society. In addition, the traveling exhibit designed by the Montana College of Humanities Woman Suffrage Centennial Committee, “Leading the Way: Montana Woman Suffrage and the and Sciences Struggle for Equal Citizenship,” is beginning its statewide tour! The exhibit will visit more than twenty different Montana communities, including Kalispell, Dillon, Great Falls, Bozeman, Billings, Havre, and Rocky Boy's Reservation. For more information about both of these projects, visit INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Beth Hubble, 2 Diversity Award Winner SCHOLARSHIP 3 WINNER FACULTY 4 ACHIEVEMENTS GRADUATES 5 Women’s History 6 Month CAPSTONE 7 CORNER Support wgss On a national level, PETSA (UM’s mandatory sexual assault prevention tutorial, authored and administered by WGSS faculty) continues to receive national attention as part of UM’s response to sexual violence on our campus and in our community. Since the release of the White House Report on the epidemic of sexual violence on American campuses, we have fielded numerous requests from universities across the nation to view PETSA as a model for mandatory prevention education. UM faculty working on this issue are regularly interviewed by local and national media outlets about how UM has stepped up to address sexual violence, in the wake of the Department of Justice investigation of 2014. To capitalize on this elevated profile and on the growing enrollment in WGSS courses, the Executive Committee is currently working on a proposal for a stand-alone major in Women’s and Gender Studies. In conjunction with this proposal, the WGSS Executive Committee voted this spring to change the name of our Program to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies to better reflect both the interests of our affiliated faculty and the need expressed by our students. Both of these proposals will be submitted to the Montana University System Board of Regents in Fall 2014. The core courses in Women’s and Gender Studies have been near, at, or above capacity this year, speaking to student interest in our interdisciplinary field of studies. We invited Catherine Palczewski from The University of Northern Iowa to conduct an outside evaluation of our program. Her visit helped formalize our plans for the future growth of Women’s and Gender Studies at The University of Montana. -Elizabeth Hubble and Anya Jabour 8

Women's and Gender Studies Spring 2014 Newsletter

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