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Women’s & Gender Studies FALL 2013 NEWSLETTER G r e e t in g s fr o m t h e C o -D ir e c t o r s Ah, fall. Cool evenings, warm afternoons, changing colors, new students, and the resumption of classes combine to give us that freshly-sharpened pencil feeling that means that it‘s ―back to school‖ time. For the Women‘s and Gender Studies Program, this fall is especially exciting because it marks the first semester that we have offered our own Global Leadership Initiative seminar for firstsemester students, WGSS 191X, ―Women‘s Rights and Women‘s Roles Around the World.‖ Now in its third year, the GLI program seeks to prepare students to become leaders in their own fields and to work collaboratively with experts in other disciplines to address the complicated challenges of what President Engstrom has termed ―the global century,‖ including population growth, sustainable development, and human rights. This program‘s goals and structure—which includes out-of-classroom learning, leadership training, and a senior capstone project—mesh well with the WGSS Program‘s emphasis on multidisciplinary scholarship, service learning, and our mission, which ―encourages students to think critically and envision justice for all peoples.‖ We are therefore delighted to have a group of twenty enthusiastic future leaders in WGSS 191X (the X indicates that the course fulfills the Global General Education Perspective). Created in consultation with the Women‘s and Gender Studies Executive Committee and taught by the Co-Directors, this course takes a thematic approach, addressing such issues as paid and unpaid work, health and the environment, and political leadership and community activism. Like the Senior Capstone required of all WGSS Minors, the GLI seminar concludes with a group project with both a research and a service-learning component. In the spirit of multidisciplinary collaboration, we have drawn on the expertise of many other campus and community resources. We are especially grateful to the members of the WGSS Executive Committee who have generously shared their time and knowledge with our students in guest lectures, including Celia Winkler and Teresa Sobieszczyk from Sociology. We also are happy to have partnered with the School of Music and the Montana Museum of Art and Culture (MMAC) to enrich our students‘ perspective on women and the arts. The picture included in the newsletter is from the GLI class visit to MMAC, where the students explored an exhibit of women art collectors. We also exposed our students to the work of such local organizations as SARC, Women‘s Voices for the Inside this issue Earth, the Missoula Human Rights Network, Planned Parenthood, the Missoula Police Department, and many others who agreed to In Memoriam 2 participate in panel discussions. For the last third of the semester the students completed group Alumni Spotlight 3 projects they designed themselves. These include a short video about bystander intervention; an every body fashion show; a website about Scholarship Winners 4 positive self esteem (; and a ‗zine WGSS GLI students touring the Montana Museum of Faculty Achievements 5 featuring all of these issues and more, found at: Art & Culture. NWSA 6 Campus Assault 6 Prevention Coordinator Writing Retreat 7 The Women‘s and Gender Studies Program is proud to be part of the Global Leadership Initiative. In addition to WGSS 195X, the Program also is associated with the Initiative through courses taught by affiliated faculty members Clary Loisel (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures), Kathy Kuipers (Sociology), and Andrea Olsen (Women‘s and Gender Studies). Tobin Miller Shearer (History and African American Studies), who served on the GLI Taskforce that designed the Initiative, has passed on the baton to Anya Jabour (History and Women‘s and Gender Studies), who also serves on the GLI Capstone Committee charged with designing the first-ever GLI Capstone. (Continued on page 7)

WGS Fall 2013 Newsletter

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