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Volume XX Issue 5 FREE 2nd November 2011 Feeling down? See page 10 for some top tips on coping with depression. Turn to page 11 to find out why cheating is the ultimate form of betrayal. BIG BUCKS FOR MED HEAD UL to pay expert higher wage than some World Leaders Projections of the new medical school which is being built on North Campus Aisling Hussey THE soon-to-be appointed Head of UL’s Graduate Entry Medical School can expect to earn more than some world leaders, with a generous starting salary of almost quarter of a million euros per annum. The position, which is advertised on UL’s recruitment website, states that candidates could earn from €231,653 to €241,539 each year. This exceeds the wage of the Taoiseach, who earns €228,000 a year. Lecturers in UL have spoken out against the advertised salary, amidst growing problems in the economy and looming cutbacks in education in December’s budget. Dermot Shinners-Kennedy, a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, told An Focal that there is not a clear reason as to why the Head of the GEMS would be paid such a high sum of money. “I have asked for someone to give a justification, and no-one has come forward,” he said. “Many people feel the exact same.” Maths lecturer John Kinsella noted on the staff forum that the advertised salary exceeds that of most major world leaders. However, President of the Student’s Union, Derek Daly, has responded by stating that the University does not control the salary of the Head of the GEMS. “I think it is a lot of money, but there is no mechanism by which the person can get paid less because it is a job in the public sector. The only way it can be changed is through the Department of Health and the Department of Finance,” he said. “Nothing can be done.” Mr Daly further added that UL would be at a “disadvantage” to other universities in the country if the Head of the GEMS was to be paid a lower salary. “All medical schools pay that much. However, if the government wished to change this pay, I would have no objection,” he said. According to the job description advertised online, it states that applicants must be registered as a generalist or specialist of the Registrar of Medical Practitioners, have a Phd or MD, and demonstrated leadership in a medical department. Current head of the GEMS is Paul Finucane, who was directed the development of the school. The Head of Department’s responsibilities will include overseeing developments in teaching and research, liaising with the Medical Council and to represent the GEMS internally and externally. He or she will also have to manage all staff and control the GEMS budget. The deadline for applications is Thursday, December 15. UL’s Graduate Entry Medical School was launched in 2007.

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