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Volume XX Issue 9 FREE 21st February 2012 Has the monarchy become an outdated standard? Aoife Coughlan discusses on page 6. Are you up on all things sex? Turn to page 18 for our SHAG Week Special. Charity Week Details Announced Popular Galway band, The Kanyu Tree, are set to headline Wednesday’s all day, all night festival. Sharon Whelton THE acts and events for next week’s eagerly awaited Charity Week have been announced, with organisers hopeful that it will be the best yet. The main acts of the week are Bressie, former Blizzards frontman, popular Galway trio The Kanyu Tree and Storyfold, up-and-coming alt. rock band. Details were still to be confirmed at time of print, but it is thought that The Kanyu Tree and Storyfold will headline the all day festival on Wednesday of Charity Week, while Bressie will headline the main event on the Thursday. See page 20 for more info. Though everyone’s focus seems to be on the big names of the week, we shouldn’t forget the main focus of Charity Week, as the events help raise much needed funds for local and national charities. This year’s chosen charities are Pieta House, Tipperary Limerick Care for Cystic Fibrosis (TLC4CF), Brothers of Charity, and The Mid-West Rape Crisis Centre. More on these charities and their aims can be found on page 21. A fantastic line-up of events and entertainment throughout the week has been secured and confirmed through the hard work of Events and Promotions Manager Keith Quinlan and his team. Please turn to pages 20 and 21 for full listings. The week will kick off in style with the annual Great Race, with participants beginning their countrywide challenge this Friday, February 24, and will culminate on the midnight of Sunday, February 26. This year also sees the introduction of the Nearly Naked Mile, which will see students strip to their undies and run over the Living Bridge! Sponsorship is necessary for this event, so be sure to pick up your card on campus. The Raft Race is again taking place this year, which has proven to be a huge success in recent times. Sunday night sees the pre-Charity Week Warm-Up, with a Club Night in the SinBin. Another new event this year includes the King (and Queen) of the Campus, which sees participants sign up for a small fee, and will then design their own ballot boxes. A donation of one euro qualifies as one vote, and the winning pair will win free entry into EVERY SU event for themselves and two friends for the remainder of their college years! Other interesting events include Shave or Dye, the Duck Race, the Lovely Girls Competition, a Vow of Silence, a Slave Auction, Mock Weddings, a Mankini Challenge, a Campus Waterfight and a Campus However, with only one week left before Charity Week descends on the campus, students have been urged to be on their best behaviour throughout the week. President of the University of Limerick Student’s Union, Derek Daly, stated that the behaviour that led to the cancellation of College Week in NUI Galway would cause a situation on the UL campus. “We are already under pressure from residents,” Derek said. “The residents have begun building a portfolio and will use any excuse to call and work for the cancellation of Charity Week.” “Best behaviour throughout the year is necessary, that means shutting up when passing through the estates and not leaving cans and bottles lying around.” Daly added that other authorities have offered the Student’s Union significantly more than what has been raised in the last two years combined, to give to a charity of the Union’s choice if they will cancel the event. “Students have an obligation to use Charity Week to give back, as well as take time to enjoy,” the SU President stated. “In the last number of year the average donation per student has been about 50 cent - that’s pitiful - and that alone plays into the hands of those who want the week cancelled.” Campaigns and Services Officer in the university, Paddy Rockett stated that the one of the biggest things is that we highlight the effect students of UL can have on the outside world, just by being students. “Charity Week paints a negative picture from a resident’s point of view, due to the actions of few,” Paddy added. “What’s worse is that so many great students are involved in raising money for charity and getting involved with the fun events.” “What I will say to students is that Charity Week is yours. Jump in and be seen, jump in and help out, and see your true worth by doing what students do (enjoy themselves) and see the great effect it has on these great charities.”

An Focal Issue 9

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