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Volume XX Issue 4 FREE 18th October 2011 Turn to page 8 to find out why approx. 200,000 people in Ireland suffer from eating disorders. Emily Maree explains the allure of Gossip Girl Blake Lively - page 11 UL Students back Higgins in Presidential Poll Presidential Candidate Michael D. Higgins greeting voters on Grafton Street. Image courtesy of The Labour Party. Kelly O’Brien, Editor STUDENTS in UL have put their support in Michael D. Higgins in the latest College Tribune poll, which asked 200 students in each university campus who they will be voting for. Mr Higgins polled top of the UL poll, which was conducted by member of An Focal and ULFM. Thirty per cent of the students who had made their mind up on who to vote for backed the 70-year-old Labour Party Candidate. The second most popular candidate is Sean Gallagher, who polled 22 per cent in the poll. Gallagher went from being an outsider a few weeks ago to being one of the favourites after a number of television debates. Early favourite, David Norris came third in the UL poll, with 18 per cent of the vote, while Sinn Fein candidate, Martin McGuinness was the fourth favourite, with 17 per cent of the vote. Outsiders Mary Davis and Gay Mitchell came fifth and sixth, gaining 11 per cent and 2 per cent of the votes respectively. Independent Candidate Dana Rosemary Scallon was the only candidate in the entire poll to get 0 per cent of the vote. Overall, Mr Higgins was the most popular candidate, gaining 34 per cent of the student vote across Ireland. Mr Norris came second with 25 per cent and Mr Gallagher third with 17 per cent. Mr McGuinness came fourth with 12 per cent. Ms Davis, Mr Mitchell and Ms Scallon came fifth, sixth and seventh, with 6 per cent, 4 per cent and 2 per cent respectively. Many students said that they will vote, but they are still undecided. Mr Higgins spoke in UL four weeks ago on his ideas for the presidency and how Irish people have been boastful over the last few years. He is currently the bookies favourite standing at 4/9 to win. The election will take place Thursday, 27 October.

An Focal XX 4

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