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Row One: Nick Mignone, Rod Bohman, Butch Slaughter, Van Hegbloom, am Johnson, Bill Ve:-1ard, Bill Bufton. Row T wo: Vic :\I ann, Pat Unden•·ood, Dave Closson, Ray McDonald, J ohn Daniel, Don Strate, Jim La,en~. Row Three: Jern .\hlin, Andy Christoff, Gary Fitzpatrick, teve Rice, J ohn Roberts, Joe McCollum, John \\'eber. Row Four: .Bob Skusc, .\1 Busb)', j ohn Foruria, Larry 1\fonahan, Bob 1\IcCray, Ron Porter, J ohn hclt, Dennis Dwyer, George Benctntos. Fresh Football The freshman football team compiled a fine 2-l record this year wh ich was highlighted with the 36-0 drubbing of the \VashingLOn State frosh. The Vandal Babes withstood the offensi"e siege of the U of\\' Huskies in their first game and coasted to a 32-18 victory. The Columbia Basin Junior College crew handed the frosh their only defeat, but follow · ing this the 11quad retaliated by walloping the"' U Cougars 36-0. Wa shington 18 Idaho 32 Columbia Basin . 26 Idaho 0 W ashington State . 0 Idaho 36 263

1964 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 62 - University of Idaho Yearbook

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