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Northern Division Play In Northern Division play, the Vandal hoopsters staged one of the biggest surprises the conference has secn in some rime by use of the "V:mdal $t311." The Idaho tcam initiated the slow moving, low scoring game centered on ball comrol and pulling the defensive tcam out so clear shooting is possible. This was first used successfully ag3inst the University of Washington Huskies, and rcached its peak in the University FINAL ORTHER of Oregon series at Moscow, where the ball didn't change hands for as long as five minutes at 3. time. Although still lacking height and experience, the Five Iron Men, Bob Fabsh, Jim Sather, Bill Rauscher, Jay Buhler and Lefty Melton aided by the second string, Don Monson, were able to keep the Vandals out of the Northern Division cellar to tie for fourth place with the WSC Cougars. DIVISION STANDINGS WI L Per PI Pa .938 1021 879 Oregon State College 15 University of Oregon 8 8 .500 957 923 University of \Y/ashington 7 9 .438 1021 946 lDAHO 5 II .31J 956 1060 \\7 ashington State College 5 II .313 919 1066 u,u,h Hod~", ,ongr'I"I"'l boyl .ft.r dof"ling Wuhing'on S'U. Coll.s' Hoou puts in 1"0 for ld.ho

1955 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 53 - University of Idaho Yearbook

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