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LI KE\BL E GEOilGE GREE:-IE took over Ia I year as the firs t full-time a t hle tic head in un iversity his tory. Eight years service as coach a nd athletic director at Le wis ton or m a l well qualify Greene for hi s present pos t. Greene has plenty of work to do in his new job, but the hard-driving athlc tie head seems to thrive o n i l. Besides s uper vising varsity athletics, he directs ph ysica l ed uca tion progr ams for both me n and women. * * * Tall , gray-ha ired FRA:-ICES ScrnnoT li ve and breathes football the yea r 'round . . . and his t eams pa y off dividends ever y fall. '\ orking with virtually Wllft er } . Price A ssi11tan t Football a nd the sa me tea m which in 1940 had won Bllske tbÂŁ111 Coach o nl y one ga me, ehmidt in his first season at Ida ho molded a team which won fonr games, lost fi ve for the b est Vandal grid record since the year 1937. a ndal fans were satisfied to call the season a s uccess a nd now a rc waiti ng to see what kind of touchdown tricks Coach c hmiclt ca n pull out of his pad of play-d ia gra ms when [da ho e nte rs into full P. C .C. competition ... confid ent 1 hat I he "big time" is nothing new to "Smitty." 64 C rLy P. Wicks Head Bas ketball and Ba seball Coa ch

1942 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 40 - University of Idaho Yearbook

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