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\.YtLIJUR CLn'FORO CLAUot: EoMUN'DSON, B. S. (A gr.), Moscow, Idaho; U . o f I. Prep.. '07; basketball; track te:ltn: l'reshman track team; FrC'shman debate; manager athletic field: captain Cadet Battalion: football; Forestry Club; Kappa Si:l'ma. OLIVER PRtCE, B. A.. Boise, Tdaho: Boise II igh. '07: president Freshman class; president Y. l\1. C. A.: debate council: Glee Club; Orche~tra: Victor Price debater; Cross-Country Club: track team: presidt•nt A S. U. r. P£,\RI. l!.TIIEI. SMTTII, E.), Moscow, High, '04. Idaho: 30 s. (D. Moscow B. W. As ttHv, B. A .. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho; ex-'o8 Wardner High; has made two trips to Europe: O lympic Games. London. Eng.. 1908; Passicn Play Oberammcrgau, 1910.

1912 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 9 - University of Idaho Yearbook

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