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the Resident A Monthly Publication of the Residence Hall Association at The University of Georgia Designed and Compiled by Cory Shaw, Director of Communications Get to Know Your New RHA Executive Board Mallory Whitfield, President Amber Painter, Vice President RC Goslee, National Communications Coordinator Cory Shaw, Director of Communications James Han, Treasurer Katie Ackley, Secretary Kayla Brown, Historian Kaitlyn Branson, SGA Senator Ben Bradshaw, NRHH Director Rob Clement, RHS Programming Director Tamara Burke, Advisor kayla brown Evan Thraikill, Advisor The 2012-2013 RHA Executive Board New Year, New Image Welcome to RHA, Where Housing Meets Home Explaining the Residence Hall Association to your friends and parents just got a whole lot easier. When asked what exactly RHA is, reply with “it’s where housing meets home.” This phrase captures the essence of the organization, because it is our goal to make the on-campus living experience for residents as comfortable and fun as possible, while also fostering academic growth. Sounds a lot like home doesn’t it? Be on the lookout over the coming semester for our rebranding campaign, month-long advertising geared towards helping people understand this very goal. The campaign will include flyers, banners, social media, and shirts, with the central theme being a house outlined with the names of the twelve hall councils. While RHA can often get confusing, with an abbreviation for everything, this will no doubt educate those new to campus. So welcome, and be sure to make yourself at home. by cory shaw cory shaw inside this issue #RHAblockparty page 2 September 2012 Volume V, Issue I Supporting the Arts Trivia page 6 The Housing Games page 3 blane marable photography UGA Housing Kayla Brown @ UGARHA @UGA_RHA

The Resident - September 2012

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