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When Progressives Treat with Reactionaries Policy Exchange is an independent research institute whose purpose is to contribute to public understanding of a broad range of social, economic and political issues. Using an evidence-based approach to policy development, it generates fresh ideas in support of strong communities in a free society. Martin Bright’s unique run of classified ‘scoops’ on the British State’s policy of “accommodating Islamist reactionaries at home and abroad has set all kinds of After 7/7, the Prime Minister rightly stated that the rules of the game had changed. Earlier this year, in an address at the Foreign Policy Centre, he specifically identified the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and of Wahabbism as sources of the poisoning of the discourse between Muslims and non-Muslims. Martin Bright’s work shows that whatever Tony Blair may say, inside the Government which he heads, little has changed. The British State continues to crave some unsavoury partners from the Islamist world. Meanwhile, in the words of one very senior British security official, “nice Muslims are spoken for. We don’t need to worry about them”. The problem with this approach is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. No wonder radicalisation proceeds apace when the Government too often treats with radicals. Martin Bright gives us the gory details of how this is done - as no one before. Martin Bright dovecotes a-flutter in Whitehall. Now, courtesy of Policy Exchange, Bright has brought them all together in one accessible pamphlet - as well as some hitherto unpublished materials which the Government would rather we never had seen. Normally, you would have to wait three decades under the 30 Year Rule for access to this sort of insider information. Now, we have that information in “real time”. The British State’s flirtation with radical Islamism ” Michael Gove, MP for Surrey Heath and author of “Celsius When Progressives Treat with Reactionaries 7/7” £10 ISBN 0-9551909-4-0 Martin Bright is Political Editor of the New Statesman and was previously Home Affairs Editor of the Observer. He is presenter of Channel 4’s 30 Minutes film, “Who Speaks For Muslims?” Policy Exchange Policy Exchange Clutha House 10 Storey’s Gate London SW1P 3AY Martin Bright Preface by Jason Burke

When progressives treat with reactionaries. The British state's flirtation with radical Islamism

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