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“UCLA Luskin has exceeded all of my expectations, and I could not think of a better place to be.” Brandon Dowling Master of Public Policy AT UCLA LUSKIN ONE PLACE Health, education, the environment, poverty— these are just some of the most urgent issues confronting lawmakers and civic leaders today. As a public policy practitioner, you have the ability to influence decision-making at the highest level. By blending new perspectives and evidence-based analysis with creative approaches, you are well positioned to create widespread change at every level of our society. To change the world, you need to know how the world is changing. Located in the diverse urban city of Los Angeles, UCLA Luskin’s Department of Public Policy provides access to a real-world social laboratory to apply your knowledge and broaden your perspectives. Your fellow students will help—57 percent of our students come from diverse backgrounds, and their research interests cover the full range of social and applied sciences. What’s more, our Master of Public Policy degree offers collaboration with many of the university’s top-tier programs. Founded in 1994, the Department of Public Policy seeks to: • enhance the range of ideas and knowledge about public issues • conduct research directed at problems that affect society • educate public policy professionals for leadership • partner with public servants and the community to solve public problems Right now. Right here. Discover the power of one to empower the lives of many. Only at UCLA Luskin. “We’re here to create a better world —one person, one project, one place at a time.” Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr., Dean, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs M ASTER O F P UBLI C P O LI C Y The Power of One PUBLIC POLICY At UCLA Luskin, we believe in the power of one to empower the many. ONE PROGRAM UCLA Luskin’s Master of Public Policy is a full-time, two-year program that combines analysis, policy making, and advanced case study experience to prepare you to become an informed decision maker. As part of your curriculum, you will participate in a team-based final project that prepares you for real-world client interaction. Choose from a wide range of elective and concentration courses to hone your area of interest in: • Crime and drug abuse • Education • Employment and labor • Health • International issues • Regional development • Social welfare • Sustainability • Transportation • Urban poverty *Or create your own in consultation with faculty Collaborate with faculty recognized as leading scholars in disciplines such as: • Economics • Environmental studies • Geography • Health • Immigration • Political Science • Regulatory Policy • Urban Redevelopment ONE PASSION UCLA Luskin Public Policy graduates are represented in a broad range of sectors and professions, ranging from teachers and engineers to community organizers and journalists. What they all share in common is a passion to make lasting and effective change by remedying social injustices. Where are UCLA Luskin policy graduates? • California Department of Finance • California Public Utilities Commission • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau • Deloitte Consulting LLP • Food & Drug Administration • Los Angeles Unified School District • Southern California Edison

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