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Curriculum Overview Two-Year Option | three times a week Ye ar 1 FALL Wi nter S pri n g Core Courses Core Courses Su m m er O r ien tat ion Core Courses ■■ ■■ ■■ Markets & the Firm ■■ Financial Accounting Data Analysis for Managers ■■ Marketing Management Articulation & Critical Thinking ■■ Organizational Structure & Strategy ■■ ■■ ■■ The Individual & Group Dynamics Financial Theory & Policy Managing for Operational Excellence Sa mple Electives ( 3 ) Managing Professionals: Budget Controls & Ethics ■■ Value Investing ■■ Corporate Financial Reporting ■■ The Causes of Organizational Wrongdoing ■■ International Exchange ■■ Ye ar 2 FALL Wi nter S pri n g Su m m er CORE COURSE : 1 0 - WEEK INTEGRATE D MANAGEMENT P ROJECT Sa mple Electives ( 3 ) Sa mple Electives ( 3 ) Business Development Clinic ■■ Investment Analysis ■■ Marketing Strategies ■■ International Finance ■■ Management of Innovation ■■ New Product Development ■■ Marketing Communications Power & Influence in Management ■■ Strategic Cost Management ■■ Supply Chain Management ■■ Negotiations ■■ Teams & Technology ■■ ■■ Forecasting & Managerial Research Methods Sa mple Electives ( 3 ) ■■ ■■ ■■ Corporate Finance Customer Relationship Management Sa mple Electives ( 3 ) Banking & the Financial System Marketing Analytics ■■ Production & Operations Management ■■ Teams & Technology ■■ The Business of Politics ■■ ■■ Leadership Fellows Program Open to students pursuing both the two-year and the three-year curriculum option, our intensive, year-long training series gives you additional tools to boost your leadership skills and professional achievement. Self-assessment Pr actice Capstone The program starts with a self-assessment using the Leadership Practices Inventory. You’ll use your new insight to craft a personal leadership development plan. Complete a series of workshops that fine-tune specific skills. Sample workshops include: The program concludes with the Reflections on Leadership interactive discussion. You’ll further refine your leadership potential under the guidance of an accomplished executive. ■■ Leading through Effective Communication ■■ Coaching for Excellence ■■ Emotional Intelligence ■■ Leading & Facilitating a Team ■■ Managing Change in the Corporate World You’ll also mentor the next year’s group of Leadership Fellows. “” 10 We interview corporate recruiters and, based on their input, annually update our MBA curriculum to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed for today’s careers.

2014 sac mba

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