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Workhop typefaces 1996–2009 Few workshops and students typefaces created between 1996 and 2009 under the direction of Jean François Porchez. Workshops are the best way to help graphic design student to discover and understand typeface design. Its obvious that most them will never be a full typeface designer. But its clear that typeface design will help them to appreciate typefaces during their career. Beside basic modular and geometrical letterforms practise (for logotypes and so on on), understanding typeform drawings is important as life drawings. It help to understand the language of the letters. History of typography, writing practise are formidable tools to let students quickly understand how its easy to play with shapes of the letters, how their relate each others. During workshops, students work together on a common project, it help to produce full typeface more quickly, in order to let them understand the full process from early sketches to final OpenType font. Jean François Porchez, december 2009. More details about workshops and images available on the dedicated section of my blog:

Workshop Typefaces

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