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EERSTERIVIER & BLUE-DOWNS Woensdag, 29 Mei 2013 | Tel: 021 910 6500 | e­pos: | The proposed area of development of eight blocks of flats which has residents of Marinda Park hot under the collar. PHOTO: TAMSYN COERECIUS BLOCK OF FLATS PLANNED: RESIDENTS FURIOUS Leave our area alone TAMSYN COERECIUS T he residents of Marinda Park, Kuils River have made their objection against the building of flats adjacent to La Belle and Strand roads no secret. The application for the development of these flats was strongly objected to by these residents in 2011 and two years later they still stand by their decision. Henriette de Beer who has been living in the area for 25 years says: “This is a fairly quiet area where our kids often play in the park. If strangers come here it will not be safe any more.” Privacy Henriette, who stays right at the back of erf 8474 where the proposed eight blocks of flats will be constructed, says that this will immediately invade her privacy. The eight blocks of flats will occupy erf 40033 (Bellville) and erf 8474 (Kuils River) and will form part of the existing Sirocco Vil- lage. During this process the demolition of a house in Marinda park will create access for residents who will stay in the flats. Muriel Luttig, who lives right next to the property to be demolished, said: “My privacy will automatically be gone. The refuse room will be built right next to mine. This is a big health risk and will be a breeding ground for bacteria.” Muriel says she has written many letters of complaints to the consultants with no reply. Another concern the residents have is the closure of Protea Street where it crosses underneath the R300. Many residents in the area make use of Protea Street during heavy traffic in the morning. “We take our kids to school and go to shops along that road,” says resident Billy de Beer. Another resident, Ilse Kleinsmith says that the first letter residents received was in 2011, notifying them of the proposed developments. They then received a letter in September 2011 and this year in May from Guillaume Nel Environmental consultants (not all residents received). Henriette says that only a few residents in the area were notified about the letters. They then took matters in their own hands and informed residents by having several meetings in the park. The residents had a meeting last Friday. Letters Renier Kapp, project manager at Guillaime Nel Environmental consultants confirmed that not all residents received letters. He says that letters are distributed to residents who are immediately affected by the proposed developments. Residents who stay 100 m from the developments received letters through knock and drop initiatives, through signs that were put up in the area as well as adverts that was placed in the paper. Garreth Bloor, mayoral committee mem- ber for economic, environmental and spatial planning for city of Cape Town confirmed that registered letters were sent to 60 surrounding registered property owners, informing them of the applicants’ proposal. He also says that the application was advertised in the Cape Times and Die Burger on 21 April 2011. Many of the residents feel that in terms of the developments, they have been thrown under the bus. Residents have also signed petitions to support their point. Many feel that the park which is a gathering spot in the area, will now be occupied by students and the traffic and quiet nature of the area will be disturbed. The letter issued on 8 May this year urged that any grievances residents may have, be sent to Kapp by 31 May. “We truly hope that our unhappiness will be heard this time and that it will now be understood that we do not want any alterations done to our neighbourhood,” said Billy.

Tygerburger Eersterivier 29 May 2013

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