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ECHNOLOGY T High Tech Haunted Houses and good Wednesday, October 24, 2012 The Journal Page 7 scares for the whole family By Kati Maseman Editor-in-Chief T error by the Tracks (Chatham, IL) This haunt gets a family friendly rating. The story of a virus outbreak was solid and the technology used was very interesting and well placed. However, on the scares side, this house was a little light for the older crowd. There are some confusing twists and turns, but it goes fairly quickly and the creatures and others ghouls throughout aren’t as interactive as other haunts. The price can’t be beat at $5, and that makes it an affordable attraction for the whole family. Check them out on facebook at http://www.facebook. com/ChathamHauntedHouse?re f=ts&fref=ts Carter Brothers Haunted Hayride (Springfield, IL) This is a family event with both laughs and scares in store. This is the Carter Brothers 27th year for their Haunted Hayride. A new addition this year is the Halls of Terror event. Attendees can get into both events for $10. Visit their website at for full details. Auburn Haunted House Great haunt. The theme of “Tortured Souls” was great and present throughout, with rooms set up strictly to move the story along. There are several different types of scares in this haunt. According to their website children under 9 are not allowed, so leave the youngsters at home. This house will cost you $8, but it will cost you a lot more than that in patience. Several groups waited for over two hours, and beware of groups who missed their numbers jumping in front of you in line. There website is 217 Terror (Jacksonville, IL) This year’s theme is “Mornings Mist,” and is a military caused zombie outbreak. In addition to the haunted house, 217 Terror is offering Zombie Paintball for only $2 for 10 shots. The tickets for this haunt are $8 or $13 for a speed pass. They are also open from Oct. 26-30. Visit for full details. Boo Crew (Rochester, IL) Boo Crew’s haunt theme Haunted House in Auburn, hosted by the Masonic Lodge. Photo by Colten Bradford Haunted Houses continued on Page 12 MCKINNEY & COMPANY The Illusion Show in the Olde Theatre on the Square *Concessions Available in Lobby* TERROR PASSES FRONT OF THE LINE PASSES AVAILABLE EVERY NIGHT. $15 (Only $6 Extra) (ONLY 50 PASSES WILL BE SOLD PER NIGHT) Available at Roseview Flowers, 102 E Jackson, Petersburg, IL 62675 ADMISSION $9 AGE 10 & UNDER $7 ILLUSION SHOW $5 BOTH ATTRACTIONS $13 217.632.2121 FRI & SAT FRI & SAT — OCT. 5,6 7 PM – 11 PM FRI & SAT — OCT. 12,13 FRI, SAT & SUN — OCT. 19,20,21 SUN & WED FRI, SAT, SUN & WED— OCT. 26,27,28,31 7 PM – 10 PM LOCATED 20 MILES NORTHWEST OF SPRINGFIELD ON ROUTE 97 ON THE WEST SIDE OF THE SQUARE IN PETERSBURG.


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