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Vol . V I No. 5 Free Please Take One Ma r c h 2 0 1 1 Page 6 Page 12 Page 18 Page 25 by Kathleen Vandervoet by Kathleen Vandervoet by Mike Bader by Carol St. John Santa Cruz County Update Page 9 Tubac Map Page 10 Yoas Brothers part 4 BIRD YOAS – The Later Years by Mary Bingham C E L E B R A T I N G Local Author creates Wildflowers Book Book Review Phantom Letters Page 14 Page 20 Skies of Santa Cruz Art Classes at Beads of Tubac by Mike Bader by Kathleen Vandervoet Page 16 Borderlands Photographer by Murray Bolesta T H E A R T O F L Page 22 Brown Canyon Walks I V I N G I N S Art and the Breath of Life Page 27 Who Is Saint Patrick by Alfred Griffin Page 30 Remnants from Ruthie O U T H E R N A R I Z O N A

March 2011 Tubac Villager

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