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Volume 7, Issue 6 • January 2013 A Message from Our Chairman To the Triton College Community: Let me begin by expressing my hope that your holiday season was a happy and healthy one. On behalf of the Triton College Board of Trustees, I would like to wish you all the best for 2013. As we begin the New Year and welcome back our student body, we are excited about the opportunities we will have to positively impact the lives of our students and the residents of the Triton College community. Learn to finance your future! Join Triton College’s Financial Aid Department in February to learn what you need to do to begin the financial aid process to finance your education. The recently approved agreement between Triton College and Dominican University provides another outstanding opportunity for our students. As a new member of our University Center program, the agreement with Dominican University will offer our students, beginning this fall, the chance to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies on our campus, with a 57 percent reduced tuition rate. We welcome Dominican University to Triton College and look forward to a long and beneficial relationship. In continuing our outreach efforts to prospective Triton students, we recently held our annual Early College Awareness program. Area middle school students came to the Triton campus to learn about future career opportunities in horticulture, criminal justice and health careers. We were also pleased to welcome more than 90 local high school students to the annual PATHE (Providing Access to Higher Education) to Success program, which provided these students with important information on applying to colleges, preparing for ACT/SAT exams and information on securing financial aid. Finally, I would like to extend a personal thank you to a true American hero, Capt. Eugene Cernan. The retired U.S. Navy Officer and former NASA astronaut visited our campus to host a large group of area elementary school students, holding them spellbound with tales of his career in space exploration. As the last man to have left his footprints on the surface of the moon, and the man whose name we are honored to have on our Space Center, Capt. Cernan is a truly inspiring man. We are fortunate he took time from his busy schedule to return to his roots here at Triton College. I hope you enjoy this issue of Page One, and I look forward to hearing how Triton College can serve you. Please feel free to contact me through the Triton College Office of the President at (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3201 or e-mail me at This Issue Speaking of Student Success.... 2 Letter From Our President........ 3 Did You Know? .......................... 3 Program Spotlight ..................... 4 Best regards, Building Renovation Plans ....... 5 Mark R. Stephens, Chairman, Triton College Board of Trustees Triton Athletics........................... 6 Green Business Certification..... 7 Dates to Remember .................. 8

Page One: Volume 7, Issue 6 • January 2013

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