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THE VOL. 120, NO. 14 TRI-CITY REPORTER WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, 2012 DYER, TENNESSEE $1.00 Natural gas vehicles touted as clean transportation solution BY CINDY EAST The Greater Gibson County Area Chamber of Commerce held a Networking Breakfast last Thursday hosted by Gibson Utility District. General manager Pat Riley gave a power point demonstration to those attending on natural gas vehicles, touted as America’s new choice for clean transportation. Riley is excited about the possibilities for natural gas vehicles in Tennessee. After a year of planning with the Marketing Committee, Riley’s idea for State Rep. Curtis Halford the first ever Tennessee Natural Gas Vehicle Expo was held in Nashville April 4th. The Expo was sponsored by the Tennessee Gas Association. The purpose of the Expo was to learn from industry experts how transitioning from diesel and gasoline to natural gas as a transportation fuel can help change Tennessee’s environment, economy and dependence on foreign oil. There were 12 CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicles parked around the plaza during the see page 3 RILEY GIVES PRESENTATON - Pat Riley, general manager of Gibson Utility District, gave a presentation on natural gas powered vehicles during a Networking Breakfast last Thursday. Fun Bunnies Halford seeks re-election HAPPY EASTER Curtis Halford of Dyer, is announcing that he will seek re-election to the Tennessee House of Representatives. Halford stated, “My family and I are grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support and encouragement during this process. We are humbled by the overwhelmingly positive comments sent our way.â€? While serving in the 107th General Assembly, Halford has served as a member of the full committees of House Health and Human Resources, House Agriculture, as Secretary, and Ethics Committee. Halford also serves as a member of the subcommittee to Health and Human Resources and Agriculture, as Vice Chairman. Additionally, he is Vice Chairman of the Bill Revue Committee. Halford was appointed by Speaker Beth Harwell in 2011 Sports Hall of Fame banquet is April 13th see page 2 Dyer board to pursue housing rehab grant A VISIT WITH THE EASTER BUNNY - Five-year old twins Haley and Kaley Geno of Dyer visited with the Easter Bunny during the Breakfast With the Easter Bunny and Easter Egg Hunt at Yorkville Park last Saturday. The event was sponsored by Wound Care Resources in Yorkville and benefited the Yorkville community. Brown Shoe building is coming down The City of Dyer Board of Mayor and Alderpersons met in regular session Monday, March 26, at 7 p.m. Those present were Mayor Walton Thompson, Alderpersons Judy Baker, Bitsy Gilliland, Nathan Reed, Robert Johnson, Chris Younger, Roger Gray, and Marilyn Williamson. Alderperson Amanda Callins was absent. City Attorney Jennifer Deen was present. In the mayor’s report, Mayor Thompson advised the board that he had received a call from Randy Nelson regarding a Housing Rehab Grant. Nelson believes that Dyer will receive a grant this year if the application is made. This grant would allow up to $40,000 per house. Thompson asked for the will of the board regarding pursuing this grant opportunity. The board decided to ask Randy Nelson to pursue this opportunity. see page 2 BY CINDY EAST The old Brown Shoe Company building is coming down. Current owners are Scott and Patti Wright. Scott said the building, which covers about two acres, had not been maintained after Cadillac Curtains closed and had fallen into disrepair. The wooden floors were not stable. Raccoons had taken up residence inside. Wright decided to go ahead and take it down. Wright said the building is not just being torn down and trashed. It is being disassembled and what can be saved will be recycled for other uses. The bricks and some lumber will be shipped to New Orleans, Louisiana to be repurposed and reused. The metal and scrap iron will be recycled in Trenton. Wright has been using the portion of the building that was built in the 1960’s since he purchased it for City Lumber Company. That addition is 100,000 square feet. This portion of the factory is better constructed with concrete floors and will be saved. “We are able to use this part of the factory. We couldn’t use the other. It was too far gone and had water damage. see page 3 DISASSEMBLING - The old portion of the former Brown Shoe Company is being torn down. Much of the wood, metal and bricks will be recycled and repurposed. The newer portion of the building will be saved. Scott Wright, owner of the property, has no immediate plans for the site once it is cleared. 'PSE&$BSHP7BO Tickets are available at local high schools for the Gibson Co. Sports Hall of Fame banquet April 13 at 6:30 p.m. The 16th annual banquet will be held at Peabody High School in Trenton. The banquet meal is catered by Terry McCaslin of Northside Market in Milan. Hall of Fame member Ken White will serve as emcee of the program. Inductees to be honored include: Kaitlyn Dudley, Gibson County High School; Ralph Jones III, Humboldt High School; Jimmy Milligan, Peabody High School; Richard Rice, Milan High School; Nathan Russell, Bradford High School; Harold Scott, Gibson High School; and see page 3 GCSD board okays $4.9 million budget for Medina Middle addition BY CRYSTAL BURNS The Gibson County Special School District board met in special session last Thursday to approve the guaranteed maximum price and bid packages for additions to Medina Middle School. Lashlee-Rich, the district’s Construction Manager, presented the board with three options for the 16-classroom addition that includes expanding the cafeteria. Board members voted 6-0 to accept a guaranteed maximum price of $4,484,500 that also includes an auxiliary gym and locker rooms. Board member Dana Welch was absent. The guaranteed maximum see page 3 ‘You really should try 2VJFU'MFY3BDLT#JBT "VUP "$ 7 )FBEFS  .431    (FOF-BOHMFZ%JTDPVOU 3FUBJM$VTUPNFS$BTI 3FUBJM#POVT$VTUPNFS$BTI 'BSN#VSFBV"TTPD F$FSUJmDBUF0ĂľFS ,WZRUNVIRU\RX7DNHDSHHNLQVLGH HFOFMBOHMFZGPSEDPN 1MVT5BY 5JUMF -JDFOTF*ODMVEFT1SPDFTTJOH'FF .VTUIBWF'BSN#VSFBV*OTVSBODFGPSPWFSEBZTUPRVBMJGZGPS'BSN#VSFBV"TTPDJBUJPOF$FSUJGJDBUFPGGFS%VFUPBEWFSUJTJOHEFBEMJOFTWFIJDMFTNBZCFTPME before you buy!’ 7/ PS

Tri-City Reporter April 4 2012

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