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WITH FIJI STopover S AW A AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND WINN N S N AW A WITH MEXICO & COSTA RICA RD CA TIO 2013 SOUTH AMERICA WINN TIO 2013 S N AW A AW A AW A S N RD CA TIO USA & CANADA 2013 WINN VA 2013 WITH HAWAII, ALASKA, MEXICO, COSTA RICA & PANAMA EUROPE, THE AmERicAS, AUSTRAliA & nEW ZEAlAnD G IN with yangtze & mekong river 2013 EUROPE AND BRITAIN VA ASIA CHINA, VIETNAM, CAMBODIA & JAPAN 2013 G IN VA HAWAII RD CA TIO at leisure TIO G IN VA 2013 WITH OaHu, HaWaII, MauI & KauaI Islands WINN G IN RD CA ITALY With CorsiCa, sardinia, siCily & GreeCe 2013 November 2012 To April 2013 AUTUMN, WINTER & SPRING S N 2013 EUROPE & BRITAIN N S VA GUIDED VACATIONS & CITY BREAKS WINN G IN VA EUROPE & BRITAIN RD CA TIO 2013 WINN G IN RD CA 1st Edition US 44814, 7 May 2012 TIO 2013 CST No: 2077132-20 AW A Printed in the USA USA & CANADA At Trafalgar, we open doors. S VA CA WINN N RD G IN AW A For further information, no one is better qualified to give you expert advice than your Travel Agent! EUROPE, NORTH AMERICA & SOUTH AMERICA To order any of our new 2013 brochures visit our website: We’ll show you more of North and Central America than you ever imagined possible. When you travel with an insider, you’ll enjoy unique and authentic experiences unlike any other. It's unbeatable value you can see, hear, taste and discover on every day of your vacation. FREE DVD including Watch & see what a guided vacation is all about. Discover the magic of the Trafalgar experience with our free DVD. To order your copy, ask your Travel Agent or visit Trafalgar is a member of the family-owned The Travel Corporation and is renowned and trusted for its outstanding quality, service, value, reliability and financial stability. Even more ways to keep in touch: @TrafalgarTalk 51 EXPERTLY PLANNED GUIDED VACATIONS INCLUDED AUTHENTIC LOCAL DINING & UNIQUE SIGHTSEEING INCLUDED ALL FIRST CLASS ACCOMMODATIONS & TRANSPORTATION NEW AUTUMN, WINTER & SPRING ITINERARIES While most guided vacation companies barely skim the surface of the worlds they visit, Trafalgar invites you on a journey to see the world from the inside. 2 Monument Valley, Arizona

USA & Canada 2013 (USA)

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