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WORKING TO IMPROVE THE WELFARE OF ASIAN ELEPHANTS IN LAO PDR US$ 75 Adopt an Asian elephant for a year Noy is a female baby elephant born in 2010 to Mae Boungnor in Thongmixay District, Sayaboury Province. She is a real youngster, already a very joyful and playful animal. She is socialising very well with all the female elephants at the Center whom seem to enjoy greatly her presence. She is still a little shy around humans, though she isn’t afraid of them. Her trumpeting can be heard from quite a distance when the time comes for a cool bathe or an extra portion of bamboo and sugar cane! At age three, she will receive her final name when her training is over. Noy means “small” in Lao language and is the common nickname given to all young elephants before they receive their official name. Mae Boungn or and her one year old baby gir l, Noy. Mae Boungnor is a very proud mother giving birth to her second female calf Noy (detailed above) in 2010. She produced her first calf Mae Boungnok with a wild elephant bull located in Nam Phouy National Protected Area (NPA), Sayaboury Province. Mae Boungnor is a loving mother and takes good care of her calf. Arriving at the Center in August 2011, Mae Boungnor and baby Noy are both very healthy. Noy is a male baby elephant born to Mae Thongkhoun. (see details below) Noy was delivered at the Center in October 2011 becoming the first elephant born at the Elephant Conservation Center’s nursery. Mae Thongkhoun is very protective of her new born, he is very healthy and doing well. Mae Thongkhoun was born in 1996 in Ban Thad Village, Thongmixay District. She joined the Elephant Conservation Center through the “Baby Bonus” programme implemented by ElefantAsia. Arriving in August 2011, she was already 20 months pregnant. The father of the new arrival is a wild elephant from Nam Phouy NPA. Traditionally, elephants from Thongmixay District are released into surrounding forest whilst their owners are busy planting paddy during the rainy season. This often results in the female elephants becoming pregnant by roaming wild bulls.Thongkhoun’s mahout decided to join the Center and receive a breeding incentive package rather than staying at home with no revenue during the final months of gestation and throughout weaning. Mae Kham Ohn is in very good condition. She is tall and fat (good qualities for an elephant) y. by boy, No Newborn ba Mae Thoung khoun and her mahout. with beautiful smooth skin. Mae Kham Ohn and her previous owner moved to Pakbeng District, Oudomxay Province where they worked in logging camps.The Elephant Conservation Center bought her in May 2011 with the objective of her reproducing through the ECC’s Breeding Programme. Mae Kham Ohn meaning “soft gold” has all the qualities needed to become a wonderful mother! a wallow! Ohn taking Mae Kham

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