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Knight Life 606 E. Kilgore Rd. · Kalamazoo, MI 49001 Volume 52 · Issue 3 Loy Norrix High School · February 2012 A small Team with big hearts Daniela Paz Knight Life News When you think of wrestling you think of big, muscular people rolling all over a mat, sweating, they are in the weight room lifting a ton of weight. Overall you think of a big and athletic person. Wrestling takes up a lot of time and energy out of the life of a high school student. This could be the reason why students decided to not join or stay on the 2011-2012 Loy Norrix wrestling team. When a wrestling team has a low number of athletes, it affects the team overall. There are 14 weight classes in wrestling and of those 14, nearly half are missing. When you don’t have someone to fill in those spots, you are losing possible points. Since there is not a player in that weight class, the team basically forfeits that round and the points are given to the opposing team. “It’s been a hard season,” said Loy Norrix wrestling coach Sean Bergan. “Due to the lack of participation.” see SMALL TEAM page 15 Leah Rathbun / Knight Life Become an ACT Warrior! page 4 Index page 5 page 13 page 8 I have a beard! Girls Like Legos Too Legwarmers are back page 9 News..........2-3 Feature........4-9 Opinion..........10-12 A&E..........13-14 Sports..........15-16 KNIGHTLIFENEWS.COM


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