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Over the weekend, we made our way up to Pasifika, which was absolutely overwhelming if you have never been to one before. Each village has a unique smell, taste and flavour which our students thoroughly enjoyed. We managed to catch up with the Prime Minister and all the big names in Pasifika. It will definitely be on the calendar for next year. Thanks to Ms Cassidy and Ms Teokotai. Te Manava Pasifika goes to Pasifika We thank you for your support in our tutor group and giving us hope that we are on the right path in meeting the needs of our people. Report Evenings are not always a high priority on the PI Calendar however this year, it has TMMU The growth in Te Manava is due to Mr Manu bringing in the fold. There have been an increase of numbers in our year 11 intake, as I believe been a primary focus area to encourage all parties to come together in the that the students can see the benefits of being together, working together and staying together. We have high achievers in here that have proven to partnership of learning. themselves that all things are possible. Every Te Manava student was given a lunch invitation where if there TMUT These are our babies, who were there since the beginning of Te Manava. The group that has the most potential in any given field, however parent, guardian, caregiver came in to parent interviews and had it signed is also the group that keeps us fighting for everything we believe them to be. Mr Utanga who would swim the ocean for them, shows them that hard by their tutor teacher, they could go on a mystery lunch that Friday. work does have its rewards. The results were overwhelming where each tutor averaged just over 50% TMTA This came to be because there was a dire need to support our students with attendance issues. Some have chosen the path of change for attendance to report evenings. the better, and some have seen their truth to where they have outgrown our schooling system. TMTE Mr Tereu keeps his tutor in top form with his Year 13’s as fine examples in their academic prowess. Te Manava Incentives for report If there ever was a perfect tutor, I think this would be it. They are all academically driven even though they may not be academically inclined. evenings TMKR Our year 9 tutor who won a KFC lunch for bringing in the most canned foods for mufti day, which is a fine example of their dedication to supporting our school life. They also have one of the highest tutor attendance to where Miss Krause can be commended for pastoral care. It has always been our humble prayer that the students, teachers, families and community of Te Manava Pasifika find their own truth in all that they do. In establishing our expectations for excellence we were able to set both academic, personal and career goals and in these fields we have found our truth. Our strength is in our being together, (cos that’s how we roll). We enjoy being PACIFIC and all that comes with it. We have seen our numbers grow, possibly because of the tutors we have, Miss Krause, Mr Tereu, Mr Manu, Mr Utanga and Miss Tarai, or maybe it’s the example that our predecessors gave us that we can bring our basket of knowledge and experience, and that we are valued for the people we are. We have a mixture of students, cultures, personalities and are never without challenges. E te Atua e, akapuera mai i oku nei mata kia kite au i te au mea takake i roto i taau ra au ture Lord , Open my eyes so that I may see the truth ….

Tahi 2008 Part 2

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