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THURSDAY, APRIL 11 - 17, 2013 The Tennessee Tribune 1A Louisville wins championship Sports Page B4 Ken Burns on Central Park 5 Jazz on the Triangle Local Page A13 Entertainment Page A8 One Dollar Online at: Voted the Number One Black Newspaper in Tennessee Rosetta Miller-Perry – Tennessee’s First Black Female Publisher One Dollar Tribune Radio: V. 23, N. 11, Volume Three Sections, 1, 2012 24 No. 15 •April April511- -117, 2013 MTA Expands Bus Service from 32,000 last year. Combined with the RTA’s regional bus and train services, more than 10 million trips were recorded in Middle Tennessee last fiscal year. Nationwide, ridership on public transportation rose 1.5% to 10.5 billion trips in 2012, the highest annual total since 2008, according to a report from the American Public Transportation Association. Nash- By Ronald W. Weathersby To better serve its growing passenger volume, the Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) have added more bus service throughout the area. The MTA transit system currently provides approximately 33,000 daily passenger trips, which is up ville joins at least 16 systems that reported record ridership numbers last year. The increase in transit ridership was partially driven by high gas prices and a report by the National Conference of State Legislatures concludes that an individual can save more than $10,000 a year by riding public transit instead MTA Continued on page 11A Mayor Karl Dean rides the MTA As Equal Pay, Female Wages Lag, Economy Hurt Dr. Phyllis Qualls-Brooks NASHVILLE, TN — In 2010, women made up 51 percent of Tennessee’s population and 47 percent of its workforce while earning just 77 percent of what Tennessee men brought in annually, at the median. · Several studies, including the Economic Council’s own Wage Gap report, have shown that this gap begins as soon as women graduate and persists in nearly every sector. What’s more, the gap is shown to increase as workers grow older and advance in their careers. · 63.9 percent of women are either primary breadwinners or co-breadwinners in their home. · Women are more likely than men to spend their wages on household purchases, childcare, and other various needs for everyday life. · Tennessee women are disproportionately represented in lower earning career fields-such as food service, health care, social services and education—and earn less than male counterparts in these fields as well.2 · Only 36 percent of the managerial occupations in Tennessee are filled by female candidates.1 “The wage gap stifles a woman’s ability to meet the needs of herself and those in her household,” says TECW Director Dr. Phyllis Qualls-Brooks, “but that’s only one part of it. We also find that women continue to be obstructed in their career paths, and are choosing or being steered into a diminished role in the workplace. This affects the entire state because women are improving stock values and decision-making where they are able to pry their way into the board room. We are missing out on the ingenuity and diversity that a female perspective can add.” “We have had some successes, but we have a great deal more work to do,” adds TECW Chair Yvonne Wood. “Wearing red on Equal Pay Day, learning more about the wage gap, or attending a local rally are ways to help close this gap.” YWCA Names Academy for Women of Achievement Co-chairs NASHVILLE, TN — Rita Mitchell, senior vice president and manager at longtime AWA lead sponsor First Tennessee, and Beth Fortune, vice chancellor for public affairs at Vanderbilt University and 2011 Academy for Women of Achievement honoree, have been named co-chairwomen for the YWCA of Nashville & Middle Tennessee’s 2013 Academy for Women of Achievement. The 22nd annual AWA ceremony is set for Oct. 15 at the Renaissance Hotel in Nashville. “Rita and Beth are two talented, intelligent, hardworking women who are dedicating their time and leadership to the 2013 Academy for Women of Achievement,” said Claire Gulmi, YWCA board chairwoman and CFO of AmSurg. “We are grateful for their commitment to the mission of AWA, and I am confident their passion for the YWCA and for this community will help them create an outstanding event for 2013.” The 2013 AWA honorees will be announced following a nominations process, which kicked off March 24. Nominees include women who are involved in efforts and activities that have made a positive, sustained difference in the community. The nominations process is open to the community, and forms are available online Beth Fortune TSU Professor Receives State Recognition TAKE 10 on Tuesdays Vicki Gardine Williams Please join the Tennessee Tribune’s Social Media Director Jason Luntz as he interviews entrepreneurs Ciara Gordon and Robin E. Wilson, co-owners of ExpertEase Consulting LLC, an organization dedicated to helping cosmetology instructors. They produce at least 25 seminars each year on topics that range from Tennessee Cosmetology Law, Engaging Teaching Methodologies for Multi-Generational Classrooms and Study Strategies. Their interactive and practice-oriented courses can be immediately applied for the state Cosmetology Instructor examinations. ExpertEase recently became only the second company in Tennessee to cover such programs. You can see the interview at Rita Mitchell YWCA Continued on page 3A NASHVILLE (TSU News Service) From her early elementary school days, Vicki Gardine Williams always knew she wanted to become a social worker. Seeing the plight of less fortunate people in her community, Williams felt she had to do something to help. “I had a strong desire to change the living conditions and social structure of families who lived in less affluent environments than I did,” said Williams. “I just felt that it was unfair and unjust.” What started as a dream for the U.S. Virgin Island native, did not only become a reality but a lifelong pursuit and passion for teaching, breaking new grounds and outreach to ensure better life for her fellow human beings. These efforts over the past 38 years have garnered her awards, as well as local, state and national recognitions from her peers. On March 27, Williams, professor and director of the Social Work program at Tennessee State University, was hon- Obama Meets First-Ever Ethiopian Miss Israel Israel is putting its best face forward for President Obama, and what better face to put forward for America’s first black president than Israel’s first black beauty queen? The newly crowned Miss Israelis an Ethiopian Jewish immigrant to Israel. She is joining Obama Thursday for the official state dinner in Jerusalem. Ethio- pian immigrants have struggled to integrate into Israeli society, but Obama will be getting a taste of some of their recent success stories. A few weeks ago, more than a quarter of all Israeli TV viewers watched the judges announce the new Miss Israel of 2013. Titi is her name, short for Yityish Miss Israel President Obama meets Miss Israel Yityish Aynaw Continued on page 15A Williams Continued on page 11A INDEX Classifieds.................7B Editorial.....................4A Entertainment...........8A Health..........................6B Religion.....................12A Sports.........................4B

TN Tribune April 11 - 17

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