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FOUR MORE YEARS | PAGE 2 SENIOR DAY TOMORROW | PAGE 3 ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES RETURN | PAGE 4 More stories and exclusive content at THE Tennessee Tech University | Cookeville, TN | 38505 | Est. 1924 O RACLE Volume 96 | Issue 7 | Free in single copy | November 9, 2012 Students react to election results Election By JUSTIN DUKE Beat Reporter POPULAR VOTE Tech students had mixed feelings as President Barack Obama was re-elected Tuesday. “I’m not really sure how the next four years will turn out,” Kara Young, senior, said. “I’m interested to see how the health care bill is going to pan out. I hope to see improvement in the economy and to see the unemployment rate decrease. I also hope that there is a little more cooperation between political parties. However, that just doesn’t seem likely. Hopefully there will be more focus on what this country needs as opposed to politicians working for their own selfish ambitions.” Sophomore Morgan Britt said, “I think the economy will be in a bit of bad shape, but it will get better. It’s going to take more than eight years to fix this country. But on the other hand, I feel like we’re working and will continue working progressively for more equal rights, no matter your race or your sexual orientation.” After the first polls closed, results started coming in to show how people were voting. Governor Mitt Romney started off with a pretty sizable lead over President Obama in the popular vote and took an early lead in the electoral votes by capturing Indiana, Kentucky and Georgia. At the time President Obama only had Vermont. The race began tightening up once more numbers from each state began to come in. After most of the eastern and southern states’ results came 45% Results 55% Sigma Alpha Epsilon broke ground on a new fraternity house on Peachtree Avenue Nov. 4, putting the fraternity on Greek Row. The new location for the house was chosen because of a deal with Cookeville Regional Medical Center. The lot where the current SAE house sits on Seventh Street was traded for the new lot on Peachtree Avenue that CRMC previously owned. “When we saw the location of the lot that the hospital wanted to do a signing trade with us for it was a done deal,” Harrison Burdge, SAE treasurer, said. “We called our nationals and told them we were mov- 45% Barack Obama Mitt Romney We are more than a collection of red and blue states. We are the United States of America. And with your help, and God's grace, we will continue our journey forward, and remind the world why we live in the greatest nation on earth. I so wish that I had been able to M\SÄSS`V\YOVWLZ[VSLHK[OL country in a different direction. But the nation chose another leader, and so Ann and I join with you to earnestly pray for him, and for this great nation. Barack Obama Mitt Romney BARACK OBAMA Acceptance speech Designed by Will Housley in, Romney and Obama were tied in the electoral votes 153153, with Romney leading in the popular vote. Romney won Tennessee with 1,450,595 votes. President Obama received 951,406 votes. Romney also won every county in Tennessee except for Davidson, Haywood, Shelby and Hardeman. Members of the media were expecting Romney to possibly take Michigan and Pennsylvania, which before had not been much of a factor for Romney. But once the voting results began to come in, there was hope for the Romney campaign. However, Obama won both Michigan and Pennsylvania, putting Romney in a tough spot. With states such as California, Washington and Oregon going to Obama, Romney needed to win Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and Florida to have a shot at winning the presidency. Romney won North Carolina but lost Colorado and Virginia, which sealed his fate. Romney led in Virginia for most of the night, but toward the end votes for Obama increased and put Obama ahead to give him the win in Virginia. “I think that our economy will be much worse than it already is,” Ryan Young, senior, said. “ObamaCare will pretty much ruin the medical field. Doctors will not be able to make enough money to cover their overhead, which will mean fewer jobs for the future nursing students and possibly the first time you see hospital cut jobs. Gas prices will be so high that the national class hierarchy will change drastically, meaning that the current middle class will drop into the poor class. The national deficit will increase and the unemployment rate will sky rocket. If it gets bad enough quick enough I say you could see a revolt within the country, especially if he tries to enforce gun Burdge said the money comes strictly from alumni donations. The fraternity has guidelines to follow about how to get the money, but it is up to the fraternity to actually do it. For at least five years, the Tennessee Delta chapter has been donating $1,200 a month to the alumni association to start the building Jodi Lawrence process. SAE conducts a ground breaking ceremony for their new “We are having house, which is the result of an agreement with CRMC. great alumni involveing, and they helped us signed to mimic the ment, even all the way get it going. We raised other buildings at Tech, from our founding $230,000 in two weeks, will have living space members,” Noble Haland that was the start of for 14 members as well liburton, current SAE our money. Right now as a full kitchen, chapter president, said. “We are the plan is to start build- room and study room. already 70 percent toing in February and to Currently the house is wards our fundraising be done by the begin- expected to be valued goals, and we hope to at $600,000 and will be get the other 30 percent ning of October.” The future house, about 5,200 square feet soon.” which has been de- plus parking space. TNTECHORACLE.COM FRIDAY 59/36 °F 55% Putnam County SAE breaks ground on Greek Row By JODI LAWRENCE Beat Reporter GENDER GAP SATURDAY 66/45 °F @TNTECHORACLE SUNDAY 64/47 °F MITT ROMNEY Concession speech control.” Florida and Ohio were the tightest races of the night. There were many lead changes in Florida between Romney and Obama, and in Ohio Obama pulled ahead of Romney early receiving 55 percent of the votes to Romney’s 44 percent. Romney closed the gap in Ohio as the night went on, and came within 2 percent of Obama. But Obama won Ohio 2,672,302 votes to Romney’s 2,571,539. President Obama won both the electoral votes and the popular votes. As of Wednesday, Obama obtained 303 electoral votes and 60,095,941 popular votes. Romney received 206 electoral votes and 57,412,482 popular votes. Obama is expected to take Florida, which hasn’t announced a winner. A win in Florida will give him a total of 332 electoral votes. “The debt will have increased to even higher levels, the unemployment levels will have decreased due to government jobs, which is only a temporary fix and will ultimately exacerbate the problem,” Robert Griffin, senior, said. “Our status with foreign countries will have continued to deteriorate, weakening our world and economic strength.” College of Interdisciplinary Studies works to implement master’s program By SUZI VAUGHN Beat Reporter The College of Interdisciplinary Studies is currently seeking approval for a master’s program in professional science in environmental informatics. “In July 2012, the School of Interdisciplinary Studies became a college and has recently added the School of Environmental Studies with a bachelor’s degree in environmental and sustainability studies,” Susan Elkins, vice president for extended programs and regional development, said. In addition to the new degrees offered, the Center for Protection of Water Sources has joined in the support to work with students pursuing an interdisciplinary studies degree. In 2002, the School of Interdisciplinary Studies was established offering a Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary studies and in professional studies with two concentrations. Recently the college has added two more concentrations, creating a total of four: organizational leadership, information technology, health administration and training and development. “Interdisciplinary studies is a create-your-own degree,” Tammy Boles, coordinator of programs adviser, said. “Some people take that the wrong way by thinking it has a negative connotation, and it’s just throwing a bunch of classes together. The degree is more than that.” Boles said the two concentration areas must complement each other because students are required to complete one project in order to graduate. “Interdisciplinary studies works well for students coming back to school, or for those who have decided to change majors,” Boles said. “Students who do not want to start over can use the field they are changing from as a concentration along with concentrating in the new field of interest without losing any credit hours.” This story continues online... FACEBOOK.COM/TNTECHORACLE MONDAY 65/34 °F TUESDAY 44/28 °F WEDNESDAY 50/30 °F CONTACT: news - 931.372.3285 - | advertising - 931.372.3031 -

The Oracle - Nov. 9, 2012

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