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CMYK VOUCHER FOR ONLY 25 $ 300971 50 $ Dragonflies aplenty OUTDOORS, 14C The Times Leader WILKES-BARRE, PA SPORTS SHOWCASE NATIONAL LEAGUE PIRATES 7 CARDINALS 0 DODGERS 7 ROCKIES 6 AMERICAN LEAGUE RAYS 6 BLUE JAYS 5 INDIANS 8 ROYALS 7 RED SOX 9 ATHLETICS 3 USA vs. JAPAN The Little League World Series title game matchup is set, with Huntington Beach, Calif., playing Hamamatsu City, Japan, on Sunday. California secured its berth by routing Billings, Mont., 11-2 Saturday to take the U.S. championship. The run for the first team from Montana to ever qualify for the World Series came to an end. INSIDE A NEWS: Local 3A Nation & World 4A Obituaries 2A, 13A B PEOPLE: Birthdays 10B STORM ROARS UP THE EAST COAST Monster aims at centers of population By MITCH WEISS and SAMANTHA GROSS Associated Press NAGS HEAD, N.C. — Still menacing Hurricane Irene knocked out power and piers in North Carolina, clobbered Virginia with wind and churned up the coast Saturday to conI N S I D E front cities more accustomed to • STATE: Pa. snowstorms than braces for tropical storms. storm, Page New York City 9A emptied its • GROUNDstreets and subED: Irene ways and waited shuts airports, Page with an eerie 9A quiet. • NYC: SubWith most of ways come to its transportation a halt, Page AP PHOTOS machinery shut 9A down, the East- Floodwaters surround this pickup truck on Highway 55 on Saturday in New Bern, N.C. Hurricane Irene knocked out power and piers in • NATION: ern Seaboard North Carolina, clobbered Virginia with wind and churned up the coast Saturday. State-bystate imspent the day pacts, Page nervously watch12A ing the storm’s march across a swath of the nation inhabited by By MATT HUGHES relatively short time, making 65 million people. flash flooding of smaller The hurricane Meteorologists project Hurri- streams possible. Torrential had an enormous For up to downpours could also soak the cane Irene will likely hug the wingspan — 500 date hurrisoil, increasing the likelihood of New Jersey coastline as it miles, its outer recane covdowned trees and utility lines, moves northward today, but aches stretching erage, visit Coyle said. even an indirect hit from the www.times from the Caroli“What happens is the soil gets storm could wreak mayhem in nas to Cape Cod saturated by all the rain, so that Northeastern Pennsylvania. — and packed you don’t need 90 mile an hour “The storm is 400 miles wind gusts of 115 across,” WNEP 16 meteorologist winds to bring down trees, 60 mph. miles an hours will do it,” he Ryan Coyle said Thursday eveAt least 1.5 million homes and ning. “You don’t need to be right said. “It’s not a windy dry day, it’s a windy wet day, and that businesses were without power. in the path to be impacted by makes it easier for things to this.” While it was too early to assess Coyle said rain will likely pose start sliding around.” the full threat, Irene was blamed Coyle said area residents can the greatest threat to Luzerne for six deaths. County. Three to 5 inches or more could fall in areas in a See RAIN, Page 16A See IRENE, Page 16A Rain will be the biggest threat locally from Irene BURDENSOME STUDENT LOANS D BUSINESS: Mutuals 5D F ETC.: Puzzles 2F Books 5F Travel 6F G CLASSIFIED WEATHER Nathaniel Wren Heavy rain, damaging winds High 70. Low 65. Details, Page 16C Majoring in debt: Some asking if college is worth cost Recent grads are finding themselves swamped by bills for their education. By TERRIE MORGAN-BESECKER Denise Williams entered Monmouth University in New Jersey in 2005 with hopes of earning a degree that would land her a job as a television news broadcaster. At age 21, she didn’t give much thought to the more than $20,000-a-year cost for tuition and room and board. The college had a great communications program, and nearly the entire cost was covered by student loans. She assumed she’d get a good enough job to pay back the loans after she graduated. 6 09815 10077 $1.50 HURRICANE IRENE C SPORTS: Scoreboard 2C Outdoors 14C E VIEWS: Editorial 2E SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 2011 INSIDE: Get help with college costs, Page 14A Coming Tomorrow: A look at college enrollments Six years later, the 27-year-old Hanover Township woman struggles to meet even her most basic needs as she deals with the reality of paying off the $45,000 in student debt she amassed. That dream job as a broadcaster never materialized. She instead works as a full-time customer service representative, earning just over $11 an hour – ironically at Sallie Mae in Hanover Township, the nation’s largest private student loan See COLLEGE, Page 14A CHARLOTTE BARTIZEK/FOR THE TIMES LEADER Lauren Majewski , a sophomore at Misericordia University, Dallas Township, helps freshmen move into the dorm.

Times Leader 08-28-2011

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