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CMYK PATRIOTS ROLL SAVE $366.70 20 $ SPORTS, 1C with coupons VOUCHER FOR ONLY 10 $ inside 733361 New England scores early and often, and the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow see season end. The Times Leader WILKES-BARRE, PA SPORTS SHOWCASE PSU SCANDAL SYRACUSE 78 PROV. 55 FLORIDA ST. 90 UNC 57 STATE COLLEGE — Joe Paterno sat in a wheelchair at the family kitchen table where he has eaten,prayedandarguedformore than a half-century. All around him family members were shouting at each other, yet he was whispering. Lung cancer has robbed him of the breath to say all that he wants to about the scandal he still struggles to comprehend, and which ended his career as head football coach at Penn State University. The words come like gusts. “I wanted to build up, not break down,” he said. Crowded around the table were Of Sandusky, he says he thought his superiors would handle situation better than him “So I … turned it over to some other people, people I thought would have a little more expertise than I did. It didn’t work out that way.” Joe Paterno On why he didn’t follow up more aggressively after 2002 incident potatoes spun by, swirling as fast as the arguments. “If you go hungry, it’s your own fault,” Paterno likes to say. But Paterno, 85, could not eat. He sipped Pepsi over crushed ice from a cup. Once, it would have been bourbon. His hand showed a tremor, and a wig replaced his once-fine head of black hair. Paterno’s hope is that time will be his ally when it comes to judging what he built, versus what broke down. “I’m not 31 years old trying to prove something to anybody,” he said. “I know where I am.” This is where he is: wracked his three voluble sons, Scott, Jay, David, daughter Mary Kay, and his wife of 50 years, Sue, all chattering at once. In the middle of the table a Lazy Susan loaded with trays of cornbread and mashed See PATERNO, Page 13A JOHN MCDONNELL/THE WASHINGTON POST Joe Paterno, wearing a wig as he has lost his hair because of chemotherapy, speaks to a reporter this week. OUR AREA’S BINGE DRINKING UCONN 67 N. DAME 53 A PROBLEM ON TAP KENTUCKY 65 TENNESSEE 62 NHL DEVILS 2 JETS 1 For 15 minutes, the game sputtered along with neither team reaching 20 points. King’s and Eastern were shooting a combined 25 percent from the floor. But the Monarchs would not only go on to beat the Eagles 74-66 Saturday, they hit their season scoring average in the process. Sports, 1C By MARK GUYDISH INSIDE A NEWS: Local 3A Nation & World 5A Obituaries 10A B PEOPLE: Birthdays 9B C SPORTS: Scoreboard 2C Outdoors 12C D BUSINESS: Motley Fool 4D F ETC.: Puzzles 2F Books 5F Travel 6F G CLASSIFIED WEATHER Benjamin Antonik Sunny and cold. High 22. Low 12. Details, Page 14C DON CAREY PHOTOS/THE TIMES LEADER Nicole Bohonko, a bartender at Lucky’s SportHouse in Wilkes-Barre Township, pours a beer Friday. Amid responsible drinking, the area has a problem with binge drinking, research indicates. Northeast Pa. near the top Drink servers have resource SCRANTON – When he was 24, John Knowles said, he consumed a case of beer each night with the goal of getting blackout drunk, waking up and repeating the process daily. Editor’s note: The former restauThis is the first of rant and bar supply a two-part series salesman, who began exploring NEPA’s drinking at 13, said alhigh national cohol was easy to ranking in binge come by. But, he said, drinking. it also created more problems than the daily ones he was trying to escape. “They say that alcohol is a great solvent. It removes jobs, families, careers, and freedom. It certainly did all of those An order of drinks is ready at Lucky’s By ANDREW M. SEDER Binge drinking can occur in the privacy of one’s bedroom, at a house party or just about anywhere else. But it will be discouraged at bars and restaurants where employees have been trained to recognize and prevent it. Using the state-certified Responsible Alcohol Management Program, or RAMP, liquor license holders in the state are able to obtain training for staff members that deal with alcohol. The offering has been well used by the local restaurants owned by Dallas-based The Metz Group. See BINGE, Page 14A See SERVERS, Page 14A By CHRISTOPHER J. HUGHES SportHouse. 6 09815 10077 Book ‘Kids for Cash’ focuses on children Former Philadelphia Inquirer reporter says impetus for book was plight of the children. KING’S ON TOP E VIEWS: Editorial 2E Forum 3E $1.50 Paterno: ‘No inkling’ until 2002 By SALLY JENKINS The Washington Post COLLEGE BASKETBALL SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, 2012 Pulitzer Prize-winning former Philadelphia Inquirer reporter William Ecenbarger was drawn into the Luzerne County corruption scandal by another person’s sudden illness. He quickly was so caught up in the drama he decided to write a book, which he expects to hit the stands this summer. “I was doing a little freelancing for the Inquirer, mainly feature stuff,” Ecenbarger recalled. “One night in October 2009 I got a call from the managing editor, who said someone in the Harrisburg Bureau fell ill and he needed somebody to cover a hearing. It was the first hearing of the Interbranch Commission on Juvenile Justice.” The commission was formed by the state Legislature to look into the causes of the scandal, which began in January when federal prosecutors accused thencounty Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan of accepting $2.6 million in kickbacks from private individuals in exchange for actions from the bench that benefited private juvenile detention centers. “I vaguely knew the story,” Ecenbarger said. “I was living in Maine at the time it broke. But I didn’t really have a grip on it, so I tried to cram myself with all the info I could that night.” Children in middle While the saga had plenty of built-in drama – influential judges falling from grace, plea bargains struck, rejected and renegotiated, a climactic trial of Ciavarella that gripped the area for two weeks – Ecenbarger said the impetus for the book was the plight of the children caught in the middle. “It’s a great story, and to me there was a great point to be made See BOOK, Page 11A

Times Leader 01-15-2012

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