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r e m Sum ! n u f MyConnection Wednesday, January 9, 2013 ag activ uide t o des ities a tina n tion d s June 12, 2013 to do this summer 50 things to do this summer online: Published every Wednesday and delivered free by The Newnan Times-Herald Check Out the Classifieds on Page 7 Summ A PUBLI er 2013 CATIO N OF The Ne WNAN TImes -herA Ld highland marina resort Barbie Beach Under Siege ‘Walking Dead’ special effect artists add zombie touch to roadside attraction W hen AMC cable television network hit show “The Walking Dead” returned to Coweta to film episodes in early May, a band of “walker” Barbies made its way to terrorize the hedonistic, clothing-optional world of Turin’s Barbie Beach. But these weren’t just any zombie Barbies. No, these were the real deal — made by the same special effects pros that “walkerize” the actors in “The Walking Dead.” There were two sets of zombie Barbies given to Barbie Beach by the producers of “The Walking Dead.” One set was delivered for Halloween two years ago, when the television series was filming scenes in Sharpsburg. The second set showed up recently. And in that time the Barbie destructors have really honed their craft. “These are more vivid, they show the bones, they show the skeletons. I like the one burned at the stake,” said Linda Quick, who, along with her husband Steve, is the creator of Barbie Beach, located on their property on Georgia This photo shows the detail and craftsmanship of the zombie barbies made by special effects staff at “The Walking Dead.” New ISO score should reduce home insurance By SARAH FAY CAMPBELL The nation’s insurance rating company has agreed with Coweta County that the county’s fire protection is as good as the Coweta County Fire Department thinks it is.  T he I n s u r a n ce S er v ic e s O f f ic e h a s announced it is granting most of Coweta County a rating of 4. That’s an improvement of 1 point over the current rating of 5. The new rating goes into effect Sept. 1.  The improved rating should translate into a savings on insurance for property owners. The exact savings will depend on several factors, but the average savings should be in the 10 to 15 percent range, according to Coweta Communications Manager Tom Corker.  Coweta’s rating was a 6/9 for many years. The “9” rating refers to buildings that are not within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant or other “creditable water source” or more than five miles from a fire station. When new Coweta Fire Department Chief Johnny Teeters arrived in early 2009, improving the ISO rating was a major goal. The improvements were made possible in part by the $20 million fire bond voters approved in 2008. The bond allowed for the purchase of additional fire engines as well as the construction of new stations. ISO officials visited in October 2010 to review the county’s fire department, water services and emergency communications. Teeters had hoped for a 4 rating. In April 2011, ISO announced it was setting the rating at 5.  Once they got the detailed report, CCFD officials requested a meeting with ISO to discuss some issues they felt were in the report.  The ISO finally issued the new rating, based on that appeal.  “We felt from the beginning that we deserved a Class 4 ISO Rating and that they didn’t give us the proper credit for our capabilities,” Teeters said on Friday. “When they came back they agreed that they had missed a lot of different things.” The new rating is, for the most part, based on the resources that were in place in October 2009.  “We really didn’t make any changes between the first time they came until they returned. They just missed putting a lot of little things in their report which improved our grade.” It was the “divergence” score that kept the ISO rating from being a 5 in the first place. BARBIE BEACH, page 6 Photo by Jeffrey leo Dress Up DESSERT Johnny Teeters Divergence “considers a difference between the protection provided by the fire department and the water supply. This difference would prevent the better feature from being utilized to its fullest extent. Therefore, an adjustment is made to ref lect any difference between these two features,” according to the original ISO report.  In the new report, “we cut the divergence in half,” Teeters said. “The new rating really reflects good management of the resources available to our department.” Another big improvement in fire safety is the new Fire Station 6 in Madras. The station has been relocated just north of the existing station, which will put many homes in the Arbor Springs neighborhood within five miles of a station.  “Our citizens in Arbor Springs are really going to get quite a savings on their fire insurance once we open new Station 6,” Teeters said.   Deputy Fire Chief Todd Moore said the new rating “adequately reflects the delivery capabilities of the Coweta County Fire Department. “If you look at the state and the nation, Coweta County is now in the top 12 percent in the state and in the top 10 percent in the nation based on its ISO rating.” i n s i de Dress Up Dessert Recipes ➤ PAGE 4 Lemon Pound Cake Trifle Family Features C lassic sweet treats like pound cake are delicious on their own — and with a few simple ingredients, they can be dressed up to make any day more special. These recipes highlight the classic, homemade taste of Pound Cake and Lemon Pound Cake. n Lemon Pound Cake Trifle — Strawberries, blueberries and whipped topping combine with cut-out lemon pound cake shapes to make a show-stopping dessert. n Pound Cake French Toast — Take the flavors of a favorite breakfast and turn them into a mouthwatering dessert the whole family will love. n White Chocolate Ganache Lemon Glazed Pound Cake — This treat may have a fancy name, but it’s easy to make. And it tastes just as great as it looks. n Grilled Pound Cake with Berries — Grilled slices of pound cake topped with fresh berries and lemon Greek yogurt are the perfect way to end a cookout.

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