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LA TECH I/O DOCTORAL PROGRAM W I N T E R 2011-2012 2 0 1 1 Louisiana Tech’s I/O Bulletin Industrial/Organizational Psychology Ph.D. Program Welcome! The mission of the Industrial/Organizational Psychology doctoral program at Louisiana Tech is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform as consultants and educators. Knowledge gained in the classroom is blended with real-world, applied experience. Our program is committed to the Scientist-Practitioner model of psychology training, where the application of psychology in the workplace is accomplished through careful documentation and evaluation. The doctoral program was established in 2009 and has since gathered students and faculty from across the country. The Program Begins Its Third Year A new school year has begun, and the I/O Doctoral Program is welcoming it’s new group of students. This new cohort boosts the program’s number of students to 14, and the returning students are working hard to mentor and socialize these newcomers. This new academic year also marks the final year for the inaugural cohort as they prepare for comprehensive exams and dissertation defenses. As the I/O group grows larger, there are many exciting events taking place as the members of our program continue to work together to enhance research and practice within the field of I/O Psychology. Save the Date! Winter Retreat Grand Opening Dec. 9-11 The students and faculty will enjoy a team-building, funfilled weekend in New Orleans Summer 2012 AROS Consulting will celebrate the opening of their new facility SIOP April 2012 The students and faculty will attend the 27th Annual Conference in San Diego

2011 I/O Bulletin

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