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Liquid Virgin Review | 1 of 3 | How It Works | Read Reviews | Top Product | Disclaimer | Sitemap 0 Liquid Virgin Review Posted by Tiffany | Posted on 29-09-2011 Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews Tags: liquid virgin, liquid virgin cream, liquid virgin lotion, liquid virgin review Liquid Virgin drops are classified as a tightening lubricant based on a unique formula. You can buy it from if you feel like trying it out. This product is similar to China Shrink Cream.. mainly because it doesn’t work.. Very watery No satisfaction guarantee Artificial, unattractive scent No clinical testing Contains parabens No product website Please note Liquid Virgin isn’t a cream, it’s consistency is more of a watered down lotion. It’s very runny and slightly oily. This product unfortunately doesn’t offer a solid money back guarantee so if your unhappy you probably wont be able to get your money back. They also haven’t released any clinical testing data to the public which should be a red flag to consumers. Ingredients List: Deonized water, aloe vera extract, glycerin, potassium alum, hydrolyzed collagen. Other: Xanthan gum, hydropoyl methylcellulose, polysorbate 20, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, sodium benzoate, menthol, calcium chloride, propylparaben, citric acid. Doing some quick research on these ingredients you will find 90% of them have no effect on female sexual health, the libido and certainly won’t be able to tighten the vaginal wall. The only ingredient worth mentioning is potassium alum which offers some tightening properties. Be aware that alum is also used in food to give it a sour flavor meaning the lotion may have a sour taste which wouldn’t be too nice on your intimate parts. Instructions on package: Apply 15-20 minutes before sexual activity to achieve desired result. Make sure to only apply a small amount of you decide to try Liquid Virgin because using a large amount with cause your vagina to get very dry. In conclusion this lotion may work for some women but generally there are much better options that offer a money back guarantee and will work much better than this second rate cream. Post a comment 23/10/2011 5:36 AM

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