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A Southern comedy comes to the Lakeville Area Arts Center stage. See Thisweekend Page 10A. Thisweek Apple Valley-Rosemount APRIL 1, 2011 VOLUME 32, NO. 5 NEWS OPINION SPORTS Opinion/4A Announcements/5A Jobs to be cut in District 196 THISWEEK NEWSPAPERS The RosemountApple Valley-Eagan School District will slash $3.5 million from its budget, resulting in 48 job cuts. The School Board unanimously approved budget adjustments on Monday that include eliminating approximately 48 full-time equivalent positions, cutting funding to high school figure skating and increasing fees by $10 for all high school sports and fine arts. Board Member Mike Roseen said he disagrees with several specific cuts, but voted in favor of the proposal to ensure the district meets its budgetary goals. “I think the middle school is disproportionately taking cuts on this,â€? he said. Other board members disagreed, saying staff changes at the middle schools are due to the recent schedule restructuring, which was made in an effort to boost achievement. The staff cuts could be a combination of layoffs and attrition, said Tony Taschner, communications director for District 196. De- by Jessica Harper THISWEEK NEWSPAPERS Rosemount has faced tough times, but is on track toward recovery, Mayor Bill Droste said March 25 in his State of the City address. Droste began his address at the city’s Steeple Center with a moment of silence in recognition of Army Spc. Andrew Wilfahrt, a Rosemount native killed in Afghanistan on Feb. 27. Droste noted that last year the city lowered its property tax rate for the third consecutive year and reduced the cost of services, while property values remained relatively stable. “We are committed to being good stewards of the money that taxpayers entrust to us,â€? he said. Rosemount completed several street improvement projects with the aid of federal stimulus funding. Droste noted that residents have often told him Rosemount has the bestkept streets compared with its neighbors. Keeping Rosemount’s infrastructure maintained has been key as the city rapidly tails on specific layoffs will likely be known in late April or early May, he said. A recently approved retirement incentive could prevent some layoffs because it resulted in a higher than average number of retirements, he said. Seventy-four teachers will take the early retirement incentive. Raising activity fees will result in steep fees for some popular sports, Taschner said. For instance, hockey and football fees will be raised to $185 per participant. Although funding for the figure skating team will be cut next school year, the sport will not disappear from the high schools. The district’s Icettes plan to become self-sustaining in order to keep the team together. The district will also reduce transportation services by moving its eligible service distances from one mile to one half mile. Although District 196 will face cuts next school year, officials will be able to avoid cutting another $5 million by using federal education jobs funding See Cuts, 12A A misaligned track was to blame for a stalled monorail train last Friday at the Minnesota Zoo, according to zoo officials. The misalignment caused a short in the electrical feed from the track to the monorail, which was unable to be restarted and carry its 44 passengers to the unloading deck. Apple Valley Fire Department firefighters in three fire trucks and its aerial ladder truck responded to the zoo at 1:13 p.m., according to Fire Chief Nealon Thompson, to unload the passengers using fire department ground ladders. With the rail about 18 feet above the ground it took less than an hour to unload everyone, according to Thompson. Kelly Lessard, from the zoo’s public relations department, said changes in the weather caused the track to ex- GQSPNPU JPOT" QSFOFVS " "OFXA'SPOUJFSP UFTUTZPV OHFOUSF JONFOU " 5ISFBET *OLT 4MBNGP SFOUFSUB SJCVOFCJ[ )JUUJOH B(SBOE EBLPUBDPVOUZU 70-6. The scene at 957 Redwood Drive took a sudden, unexpected and nearly deadly turn. Firefighters were attending to a small, smoldering fire at the Apple Valley home on Feb. 4 when the homeowner, Farrell “Buzzâ€? Graves, observing the scene from the sidewalk with his wife Mary, collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. Apple Valley firefighters responded to family members’ calls for help and began CPR on the unconscious Graves. They were soon joined in the resuscitation effort by police and paramedics. Eventually, Graves regained a pulse and was transported to Fairview Ridges Hospital in Burnsville. “Eleven days after that event, Buzz Graves walked out of the hospital with no deficits, a cardiac arrest survivor,â€? said Apple Valley Fire Chief Nealon Thompson. The odds of survival had been slim. According to Jeff Czyson, operations manager for Allina Medical Transportation, sudden cardiac arrest is the No. 1 killer in the United States, with a survival rate of just 7 percent. In Graves’ case, the quick response of public safety personnel was key, Czyson said. Those first responders – Apple Valley firefighters Trudy Hagert, Sam Seal, Nick Torrini and Capt. David Kennedy; Apple Valley police Sgt. Peter Matos and officer Marcus Smith; and ALF paramedics Katie Kuenzi # 4 * / & 4 4 by Jessica Harper THISWEEK NEWSPAPERS A Rosemount man accused of initiating an extortion scheme that ended in another man’s suicide pleaded guilty on March 22. Rickey Eugene Pouncil, 46, pleaded guilty to one count of felony coercion. The count is punishable by a stayed sentence of 18 months. Hennepin County prosecutors intend to ask District Court Judge Philip Bush for a harsher sentence, based on “aggravating factors, accord&  /6.# X F F L M Z */4*%&#*; '036. 5IF -FHJTMBUVSF DPVMEOUCBMBODF BCVEHFUUIF HPWFSOPSDPVME 0, CVUUFOEFEUP PUIFSIPUUPQJDT 1)*,3*/,*& "NFOUPSDBOIFMQ BZPVOHXPSLFS SJTFUISPVHIUIF SBOLTPGBO PSHBOJ[BUJPOPS MFBEUPPUIFSDBSFFS PQQPSUVOJUJFT )"30-% " 5033&/$& LJMMTUISPVHI BOEEFWFMPQJOHUIFJST T 5*$&4 UIF #&4513"$ SFBEJOH WJEFPTBOE$% BMTP DSFBUFE  ,OPXJOHUIF  5IF DPNQBOZ XIJDIFO EJGGFSFODFCFUXFFO 4UBS5ISPXFSQSPHSBN H BOE QSPGFT BEWFSUJTJOHBOE IBODFT TFMGMFBSOJO OU 5FBN NFN QVCMJDSFMBUJPOT TJPOBM EFWFMPQNF UP BUUFOE  DBOIFMQCVTJOFTTFT CFST BSF FODPVSBHFE EFFWFOUTUP DSFBUFCV[[UIBU JOEVTUSZBOEOBUJPOXJ XPSLT TUBZBCSFBTUPGUSFOET TFWFSBM FN IBT DLFSNBO 45"$&: " CZ4UBDFZ"5:53*#6/&  $PMFT 4BMPO JUIUIFDPN / %",05"$06/ "$,&3." 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Police discovered Charges filed last Kreye had already year claim the alleged borrowed $200,000 pimp and 32-yearfrom a business partold Shannon Gura, ner and obtained an alleged prosti$350,000 from a tute, tried to extort Rickey home equity line of more than $500,000 Pouncil credit when Pouncil from Daniel Kreye and Gura allegedly of Bloomington by began contacting him threatening to show Kreye’s for more money. wife explicit photos and text When questioned by pomessages involving him and lice, Pouncil allegedly said Gura. he has been a pimp for the Police learned of the al- past 20 years, and admitted leged plot when the married he was to get a cut of the exfather of two committed sui- tortion money. However, the FOFYUQBHF inJQwUPUI TUPUIF STPGUIFQBHFTUP PPNJO5IFMJOL IFQBHF $MJDLPODPSOF UUPNPGU QPGBOZQBHFUP[ $MJDLPOUIFUP 4JUFTXJMMBQQFBSBUUIFCP PVS T $MJDLPO "EWFS UJTFS8FC QBSUJDVMBSCVTJOFT -PPLJOHGPSB FYBUUIFUPQPGUIFQBHF "EWFS UJTFS*OE FZXPSE 4FBSDIBCMFCZL prostitute disappeared without paying. Gura and Christina Artac, 32, previously pleaded guilty to coercion and admitted to aiding Pouncil in the blackmail scheme. Pouncil’s attorney, Earl Gray, declined to comment, and representatives from the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office could not be reached. Laura Adelmann contributed to this story. Email Jessica Harper at: Interested in a free subscription? __________________________________________________ _____________________________ Just complete this form & mail it to: Attention: Subscriptions Dakota County Tribune 12190 County Road 11 Burnsville, MN 55337 or fax to: 952-846-2010 ________________________________________________________________________________ (+* +) !""'!  ! “When you have a sudden cardiac arrest, it’s literally like fainting – I actually never knew I hit the sidewalk.â€? Said Graves: “There’s probably nobody happier to be here tonight than I am.â€? "  #64*/&44 & and Albert Reiff – were presented with the Allina Life Saver Award at the March 24 Apple Valley City Council meeting. Graves attended the awards presentation, and personally thanked each of the first responders. “Needless to say, I don’t remember meeting any of you,â€? he told them. The Dakota County Tribune is your source for Business information south of the river. &3 4JODF  Photo by Andrew Miller Buzz Graves thanks Apple Valley police officer Marcus Smith at the City Council meeting on March 24. Smith and police Sgt. Peter Matos, center, were among eight public safety officers recognized for helping to save the life of Graves, who went into sudden cardiac arrest Feb. 4. Rosemount pimp pleads guilty in extortion  6 “Clearly, ours is a growing community, well-positioned for the future,â€? Droste said. Droste noted that the city is preparing, specifically, to serve the growing senior population. Despite the city’s rapid growth, crime has declined 18 percent in the past year, and poverty has remained THISWEEK NEWSPAPERS une Dakota County Trib "6(6 45  grows, he said. The city experienced significant growth in population and development over the past decade. Rosemount’s population grew 50 percent to 21,874 people in the past 10 years, while Minnesota’s population grew by 8 percent, according to the U.S. Census. by Andrew Miller Tad Johnson is at editor. +&//:800%4 $,&3." / 45"$&:" "/%3&8 .*--&3 Photo by Jessica Harper Rosemount Mayor Bill Droste said in his State of the City address March 25 at the Steeple Center that he believes the city is in good shape and is on track to expand as the economy begins to turn around. low at 3.1 percent, he said. Development continued in the city despite the poor economy. The number of building permits issued in Rosemount grew from 2004 to 2009 57.1 percent to 700. The city added 80 housing units during 2010 and posted $32.2 million in new construction, Droste said. This new development has attracted businesses to the community, Droste noted. Droste also recognized the contributions made by existing businesses through their partnerships with local agencies and community groups. “I often think about the assets we have in Rosemount. And some of the most important are civic and volunteer groups,â€? he said. Although Rosemount saw indications of economic recovery, the city still faces challenges brought on by the recession, Droste said. “By definition, we are in the 21st month of recovery. But you have to squint hard to see evidence of that, See Mayor, 11A Cardiac arrest survivor Buzz Graves thanks emergency workers pand and contract and become slightly misaligned. Once the track was repaired, the monorail was tested Friday afternoon without passengers inside. It was tested again Saturday morning before it was opened to the public, running on its normal schedule again, according to Lessard. Lessard said zoo officials will continue monitoring the alignment of the track and conducting its general maintenance. She said workers inspect the monorail train each morning, ensuring all safety devices are working – doors, emergency stops, intercom, heating and air conditioning, among other items. More on this story is at in a version that was posted Friday, March 25. 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