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9,000 free everyone reads the wanaka sun Thur 05.04.12 - wed 11.04.12 inside: Need for speed Third time the charm The normally serene rivers around central Otago resonated with a petrolhead’s dream soundtrack last weekend as some of the fastest jetboats in the world went head to head. The Otago Five Rivers race had legs on the Matukituki, the Clutha, Dart, the Kawerau and Shotover rivers over two days. The overall event was won by Nelson man and former world unlimited jetboat champion Rob Pooley, pictured here on the Matukituki in his Chevrolet powered Kwikkraft. page 2 Through the grapevine page 7 PHOTO: Empty car found freedom camping Caroline Harker Best garden at Tarras page 8 Matilda turns one page 11 Read online: A local man who walked home after drinking during the Rippon Festival was surprised to receive a $200 ticket for freedom camping on the lakefront. HetoldtheWanakaSunhehad spent an enjoyable day listening to the concert with friends on a boat on Lake Wanaka. “We had been drinking so I left my car where in was in the lakefront parking zone and walkedhome. Howcananempty car be freedom camping?” The man rang Lakes Environmental to say he wasn’t in the car and could prove his case. He sent in his parents’ phone number and hasn’t heard anything back to date. Meanwhile mothers Michelle Cotter and Jo Chamberlain stand by their claim they would rather go to prison than pay a $200 freedom camping fine after their sons slept in their car on the lakefront rather than drink drive. We had been drinking so I left my car where in was in the lakefront parking zone and walked home. They rang Lakes Environmental and were told the fine would have to be paid. QLDCmediapersonMeaghan Miller told the Wanaka Sun anyone who feels a fine is not justified is very welcome to fill out a waiver form. “This will then be considered and where appropriate the fine will be waived,” she said. “Council is not suggesting anyone should break the law or put themselves or others at risk drink driving, nor is it in the business of sending our residentstoprison.Unfortunately the reality is that people sleeping in vehicles on the lakefront have on other occasions left unacceptable, unsightly and sometimes disgusting mess behind for foreshore visitors to discover in the morning. It is one rule for all.” Acting Sergeant Phil Vink said locals sleeping in their cars rather than driving home under the influence was quite common in Wanaka. “It’s a good option,” he said. “We can’t tell them to drive on. It requires a bit of common sense. The majority of young DIRTY CARPETS Specialty rug cleaning Carpet cleaning and restoration CALL JAE 03 443 1150 M: 027 4391 675 0800 2255 523 here people here are pretty responsible about drunk driving. They do the right thing.” He suggested people could make a plan for how they were going to get home right from the word go. “But in this case the boys should be praised for making the call [not to drive] he said. The QLDC freedom camping control bylaw 2012 states that freedom camping does not include the following activities: (a) temporary and short-term parking of a motor vehicle; (b) recreational activities commonly known as day-trip excursions; (c) resting or sleeping at the roadside in a caravan or motor vehicle to avoid driver fatigue. Under the bylaws the maximumfineforillegalcamping is $20,000.

The Wanaka Sun

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