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1 Pohutukawa 7 Roast lamb The New Zealand Christmas tree. A harbour of birds, children and possums. Fittingly, for our agricultural nation, surrounded by blood red spines at its base, as if someone has butchered a pig under its gentle benediction. The tastiest member of the Cute and Completely Trusting Baby Animal food group. Yes, the future is certainly going to be unkind in its judgment. 2 Pavlova 6 The beach Hard to make without collapsing it into a sci-fi goo. Do it once successfully. Boast about it ever after. Buy from then onwards. The eternal contest of NZ v Sea. Endlessly watchable. Alistair Bone’s take on the things that make up our Christmas experience. 3 Barbeque Has a woman ever cooked on a barbecue? A rare sight. It’s a medium-level skill, so let’s make 2012 the year women reclaim the cooking of meat outdoors. So we can all say ‘well done’, you women. 4 New spuds 5 Sixpence But only the scrubbed, clean kind. Is there any other food you’d buy with dirt on it? Allegedly once included in Christmas puddings. Now an offence under the Food Safety Act.

A Kiwi Xmas in 50 objects

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