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Newspaper of the Central Coast THE TRIBUNE 50¢ INCLUDES TAX San Luis Obispo County, California Tuesday, April 3, 2001 Paso boys arrested after making Internet threats Division of Japanese firm will open plant in SLO Duke-Duke-Duke, Duke of All! 2001’s NCAA champs Local, B1 Business, D1 Sports, C1 Layoffs at Arroyo, French hospitals —————————————————— THE PEOPLE VS. REX ALLAN KREBS Guilty on all counts Close to 24 will lose their jobs in ‘revitalization’ —————————————————— THE JURY RULES: KREBS CONVICTED WHAT’S NEXT: THE PENALTY PHASE Special circumstances for death penalty found Sentencing will be decided starting April 17 By Richard Jackoway At the courtroom in Monterey, defendant Rex Allan Krebs and one of his attorneys, Patricia Ashbaugh, listen Monday afternoon as the court clerk reads off guilty verdicts on all nine counts. The Tribune About two dozen employees at French and Arroyo Grande hospitals are being laid off this week as the jointly-owned facilities begin “a revitalization program” in the face of new competition from Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. Ten to 12 administrative and clerical employees at each hospital either received termination notices Monday or will get them today, according to Douglas Wilson Jr., French’s interim chief executive officer. “This is a very, very small percentage of the employees,” Wilson said, stressing that the layoffs will not impact patient care. Arroyo Grande has about 300 employees and French has about 340. No additional layoffs are anticipated, he said. Wilson offered few specifics of the 900-page analysis that forms the basis for the revitalization plan, but said one main initiative will be to increase the profile of French Hospital’s cardiac unit. Meanwhile, of ficials at crosstown rival Sierra Vista plan to open a cardiac unit in January. “It’s the only core medical service that we haven’t provided here at Sierra Vista,” said hospital Please see LAYOFFS, Back Page TRIBUNE PHOTO BY JOE JOHNSTON What’s next Bush insists spy plane, crew return Because Krebs was convicted of murder with special circumstances — which includes multiple murder, rape and kidnapping — the prosecution now can pursue a death sentence. The sentencing phase begins April 17. Before then, attorneys will argue about what evidence can be allowed. —————————————————— Demand made as diplomats rush to Chinese base —————————————————— By Steven Mufson and Philip P. Pan The Washington Post WASHINGTON — President Bush on Monday sternly demanded the “prompt and safe” return of 24 U.S. militar y personnel and their Navy spy plane, which made an emergency landing at a southern Chinese air base after colliding with a Chinese fighter jet Sunday. Three U.S. diplomats rushed to the air base on Hainan Island, but Chinese officials said they would have to wait until about 6 a.m. Tuesday morning Washington time to see the plane’s crew of 21 men and three women, who were in military custody. Bush, speaking on the White House driveway, expressed anger about the 24-hour delay. “I am troubled by the lack of a timely Chinese response to our request More inside Local reaction to the verdict. Back Page Monterey F a m i ly R e a c t i o n How the jury ruled ————————— By Patrick S. Pemberton After more than two days of deliberation the jury convicted Rex Allan Krebs of all charges against him. Six special circumstances tied to the counts also were found to be true. The Tribune After a trial highlighted by the defendant’s videotaped confession, a jury convicted Rex Krebs of two counts of first-degree murder Monday, setting the stage for a death penalty trial. Krebs, 35 — who also was convicted of three counts of rape, two counts of kidnapping, one count of sodomy and one count of burglary — will face the jury again during the sentencing phase, beginning April 17. The jury will determine then whether he will receive a sentence of death or life in prison without the possibility of parole. During the trial, jurors watched a videotape of Krebs confessing to killing both Rachel Newhouse and Aundria Crawford, two 20-yearold college students who were kidnapped from San Luis Obispo in November 1998 and March 1999. That confession, backed by incriminating physical evidence found at Krebs’ rented rural Avila home, took most of the suspense from the verdict. “It was not unexpected,” said Krebs attorney Jim Maguire. “We’ve been primarily focused on the next phase.” The decision came more than two years after Krebs was arrested on a parole violation that eventually steered the investigation to- Newhouse’s uncle: Verdict is ‘fantastic’ COUNT 1 First-degree murder of Rachel Newhouse By Silas Lyons COUNT 2 First-degree murder of Aundria Crawford As the jury’s forewoman read off the list of guilty verdicts Monday, Rachel Newhouse’s uncle whistled softly under his breath. “All right, man,” Peter Morreale said. “That’s fantastic.” But the case against Rex Allan Krebs is far from final, and Morreale — a criminal defense attorney in Riverside — knows that. As the trial’s penalty phase approaches, Morreale said a jury that found Krebs guilty on all counts will be more inclined to sentence him to death. And although he isn’t sure that’s what Newhouse’s parents want, he’s certain about his own feelings. “I think the only time for me that there’s going to be closure is when he is dead,” he said. “In my house, I’d hang him in the back yard. I’d hang him from one of the trees back there.” Neither the Newhouses nor members of Aundria Crawford’s family could be reached directly for comment. The judge in the case has issued a gag order that extends to the parents of both women, who are expected to testify dur- GUILTY GUILTY Please see KREBS, Back Page ————————— COUNT 3 Kidnapping with intent to commit rape, Rachel Newhouse GUILTY COUNT 4 Rape by force, Rachel Newhouse GUILTY COUNT 5 First-degree burglary, Aundria Crawford GUILTY COUNT 6 Kidnapping with intent to commit rape and sodomy, Aundria Crawford GUILTY COUNT 7 Rape by force, Aundria Crawford GUILTY COUNT 8 Rape by force, Aundria Crawford GUILTY COUNT 9 Sodomy by force, Aundria Crawford GUILTY The Tribune Please see FAMILY, Back Page ‘I think the only time for me that there’s going to be closure is when he is dead. In my house, I’d hang him in the back yard. I’d hang him from one of the trees back there.’ — Peter Morreale, Rachel Newhouse’s uncle Please see CHINA, Back Page Weather Inside Coming tomorrow Partly sunny, breezy and cool today. Highs 56-64. Partly cloudy tonight. Lows 37-47 at the coast, 35-39 inland and 32-36 in the North County. Business D1 Horoscope D5 Opinion B4 Classifieds E1 Landers D5 Sports C1 Comics D6 Movies B3 State B5 Here's how to get a weeknight meal on the table in less than an hour. Complete forecast, C6 Crossword E5 Nation & World A3 Ticket Today A2 In Food Calendar D5 Obituaries D5 B2 TV Listings

Guilty on all counts

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