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pirit S WWW.THESPIRITNEWSPAPER.COM Proudly serving Bryan, Effingham and West and South Chatham Counties! Thursday, November 26 - December 2, 2009 FREE Newspapers “It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.’” -Ethel Percy Andrus (1884 - 1967) US social activist Pooler Police Reports • Police responded to a furniture business called Furniture Enterprise after a woman showed up demanding her money back for furniture she ordered and paid for that has never arrived. The woman was told that the owner wasn’t in, and the owner was the only one who could give back the woman’s down payment. The woman told Police that all of her attempts to get her money back have gone nowhere. (Buyer beware!) • Just after midnight, an Officer found a Camry in the ditch on the side of a Pooler motel. The Floriduh man told him he wasn’t paying attention and thought he was pulling into the hotel parking lot. • Among the reports this week was a complaint by a Garden Acres couple that someone had damaged one of their shrubbery bushes overnight. (Is there any other kind of bush?) • A man told Police he’d picked his father up earlier in the day, and Dad was already intoxicated and carrying a 16 ounce glass of straight whiskey with him as they drove around town attempting to cash a check. They stopped at a local liquor store and Pop bought a large can of beer. The man added that the whiskey was finished off by the time they got home. Once home, his father then finished off the beer. The man then fell to the floor, and wasn’t breathing when MedStar and Pooler Fire First Responders got there. They were able to perform CPR and get him breathing again. He was transported to Candler Hospital for further treatment. (Let’s hope he gets off the booze and gets his health back!) • Around 8:30pm, an Officer clocked a silver Mustang at 67mph in a 50mph zone of Pooler Parkway and made a traffic stop. The driver, a Brooklet man, was soon on his way to jail for DUI. • Just before 3am, an Officer received a lookout notice for a white Tahoe that was “all over the road.” The anonymous caller had followed the Tahoe from I-16 to Pooler Parkway to Pine Barren Road. The Officer happened to be westbound on Pine Barren ___________________________________ Continued on page 3 Steve’s Shorts.................................2 Police Reports................................3 What Are You Thankful For.................8 Professional Services.......................9 Jonah Goldberg Column.....................9 Letters to the Editor........................ 10 Celebrations................................. 11 Health & Wellness Directory......... 12-13 Allison’s Desk............................... 13 Vol. 10, Issue No. 19 Obituaries............................... 14-15 Church Directory............................ 16 Fruits of the Vine........................... 17 The Spirit of Giving: Helping a Local Child in Need By Genevieve Rogers During the holidays, folks pull together to help others in need. Well, there’s a little girl in Effingham who is need of medical treatment and her family is hoping that you’ll look into your hearts and give a little bit to help her out. Five year old Alecia Bazemore of Springfield has polycystic kidney disease, and if she doesn’t have a kidney removal, she won’t make it to her sixth. The family is in bad financial distress and they are trying to get enough money so her parents can take her to St. Judes Hospital in Memphis. The family has no insurance, her father lost his job of 16 years when Great Dance closed, and her mother isn’t making enough to keep up with the mounting bills. Alecia’s mother, Elizabeth Bazemore, knew that motorcycle clubs were good for helping raise funds for sick children, so she asked Phil “Country” Crowley, Chapter President of the local In Country “Vietnam” Motorcycle Club, to help out. Phil works as a Safety Coordinator at Georgia Pacific, where Elizabeth does cleaning work. Phil has been riding bikes for seven years and when asked to help, he jumped to the chance to help Alecia out. He put fliers up on his website and Facebook and has already spoken with two or three of the area motorcycle clubs - CMA, Wingriders, Wingman - to put together a fundraiser around February. They’re hoping to pull out all the stops to get donations and help little Alecia get to St. Jude’s. He says that this time of the year is very difficult to plan anything in the motorcycle community because of the amount of fundraisers going on in the month of December. But they hope to make people aware of the Bazemore’s situation and get some donations in the account set up for her at BB&T bank in Springfield. “This is what we do as bikers. We’re big on fundraisers, especially when it’s for children with special needs.” Phil knows from experience what it’s like to have a sick child. He had a daughter with cerebral palsy who passed away some time back and has made it his mission to make sure that Alecia gets the care she so desperately needs. “The kids don’t ask to come into the world with these things. They’re so special though and they really do bring people together. I OPEN WEEKENDS! Monday-Friday 7:30AM-7:30PM Saturday 8:30AM-5PM Sunday 10AM-4PM We’re Here For You & Your Family 7 Days A Week! Come In & Meet Our Staff & Receive A Free Gift! took Alecia out for a ride a couple weeks back and when we finished riding, I was helping her mom put her back into their vehicle and she looked up at me with those eyes and said, ‘Are you the man that’s going to fix my kidney?’. I busted out crying and said, ‘No baby, but I’m going to try to help you get it fixed’. She gave me a little necklace she had made out of beads and it’s hanging on my computer monitor. She just melted me. When Alecia was born, the doctors told her parents that she had multicystic kidney disease. They said that as long as her left kidney would shrink that Alecia wouldn’t have a problem. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and now Alecia has a plethora of problems ranging from infections, UTIs, reflux, and now it’s affecting her blood pressure. Her left kidney is dead, but it pulsates and swells, causing the infection to spread to her body, and even her heart. The problem is severe enough that her cardiologist was concerned about it and brought it to the attention of Elizabeth Bazemore and her husband. Elizabeth says that the disease doesn’t run in her family, so without tests, the doctors won’t be able to say for sure whey Alecia has it. Elizabeth has been told that her daughter has a life expectancy of ___________________________________ Continued on page 20 Breathing New Life Into An Old Building By Ashley Engleford Williams O-K Tire was open for 30 years on Bay Street and was owned by Jim and Valerie Williams. When they shut their doors in 2006, the couple prayed for “new life to come into the building to provide some kind of service to give back to the community in appreciation for what the community had provided us over the years to keep our business alive.” Last year, God answered that prayer by turning the old tire building into a church - New Life Apostolic Temple. This month marks the one- year anniversary of worship services in the new building. The congregation provided free clothing and a hot meal to anyone in the community who wanted to come. They felt this would be a great way to reach out to the neighborhoods and let them know about the church and its mission. Now first imagine the local repair shop where you take your vehicle. Now imagine a church holding services in that same shop! The building has been completely renovated, of course. Taking a tour of the facility, you would never know what it was in its former life. They couldn’t afford to hire construction crews, so they hired people from the community who needed work and possessed a skill that could be used. The class rooms are the only things still under construction, and everything that has been done thus far is of a professional quality. Pastor John Anderson of New Life Apostlic Temple in Savannah reached out to the needy in the community by providing free food and clothing. When Pastor John Anderson Sr. passed away three years ago, it looked as though the church would split. But pastor John Anderson Jr. was “really determined to keep the church together,” according to evangelist Becky Drummond. The congregation was forced to meet in school auditoriums, community centers, and even shared other churches. Through it all the church held together and was led to its present location. The church’s motto is “Faith and Family,” which was evident as the congregation members worked together preparing for the day’s event. God’s hand is definitely on this congregation, as they are determined not only to worship together but to make an impact together. Pastor Anderson made very clear the church’s intentions when he commented, “We want to give back to the community. Our motto is ‘We are a family,’ and in order for us to be a family, we have to take it outside the four walls and meet the needs of people physically, spiritually and, one day, financially.” Numerous people were blessed by this event, as they received clothing, a hot meal, and the love of community and Christ. As God breathed “New Life” into the old Williams Tire building, He has also breathed “New Life” into the community, proof that miracles are among us if we simply open our eyes. 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