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The meeting has been called to discuss plans for the march to the Cape High Court. MPBYRA chairperson, Charles Adams, says there are still some families living on the land – with many refusing to leave “as they have nowhere else to go”. He adds that 60 people are living at Swartklip, and between 20 and 30 families in the bushes at Kapteinsklip Station. “The people have now dug holes in the bushes, and are living in the holes, hiding from law enforcement. Some are receiving water from nearby houses and using residents’ toilets. “Some residents are helpful, and others don’t want to assist the backyard dwellers. As an organisation we are assisting the backyard dwellers, but without money we can’t do much and we are relying on donations. “I am in the process of getting a tent, but people want money, which is something we don’t have. Many of these backyard dwellers can’t go back to their old places and are now homeless,” Adams says. Last Thursday the organisation and backyard dwellers marched to the Cape High Court, handing over a petition to City of Cape Town lawyers. According to Adams, the organisation is still in the process of deciding on a legal representative. The weekend before the local govern- ment elections, the organisation started mobilising backyard dwellers and those on the council’s housing waiting list to take action because “the people of Mitchell’s Plain have been failed by politicians and the government”. The land at Kapteinsklip Station is earmarked for formal housing. After mobilising the community, backyard dwellers moved in on the vacant land and started erecting structures on the land. Things soon turned violent, as the police and law enforcement were called in to remove people from the land. Several people were injured during the process. Law enforcement officers were attacked with bricks and stones, necessitating the use of a water cannon and rubber bullets. Despite some people being removed from the land by officers, some still remained and continued to move onto the land. Adams adds that members of the organisation have contacted Western Cape Premier Helen Zille for assistance. She referred them to their ward councillors. Adams says that both ward councillors have turned a blind eye to the people. “Both the councillors don’t care about the people. We were promised a meeting with one (yesterday) and we still have not heard from her,” he says. Maria Weavers, ward councillor for Ward 99, says she is “willing to help the people”. “I was called by Adams about a meeting, and I explained to him that I will be in training for the next two weeks and could only assist him afterwards. I don’t have an office as yet, but will inform the community as soon as it’s confirmed,” Weavers says. She adds that she was called by Zille and was not at home on Saturday when Adams was at her house. Ward councillor for Ward 82, Sheval Arendse, says the backyard dwellers issue is his “priority”. “Once I get sworn in as the ward councillor, I will be calling a meeting with the backyard dwellers. I want to set up the Tafelsig Backyarders Association, and try to work towards a resolution.” Workshop WORKSHOP PROMOTION Brake Pads (all cars, both sides) Major Service (4 cyl motors without coil packs) 15000 R20000 R labour labour Slimline Windshields WINDSHIELDS fitted Bosch Wiper Blades 50 % Brighter, Ice White 80 H3 R8000 SET H7 R9000 SET H4 R10000 SET R13000 SET 9005/ 9006 MasterCard®® 00 SET 18000 set R30000 R BONNET GUARDS fitted Xenon Bulbs H1 R fitment incl 16” & 18” 7000 R Free windscreen wash! 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Peoples Post Mitchells Plain Edition 31-05-2011

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